Pets and cleaning: how to sanitise your cat's bed?


Anyone who owns one considers their cat to be a member of the family, deserving dedicated care and attention. Cleaning your cat’s bed is, for example, a fundamental gesture for the wellbeing of the animal, but also for that of the whole family. Here’s a few useful tips to sanitise it correctly

The bed: an intimate and warm corner where your cat takes refuge and spends most of the day. In short, a space of its own that requires hygiene and cleaning, just like the rest of the house.

Cleaning your cat's bed means taking care of the wellbeing of your four-legged friend whilst also guaranteeing a healthy environment for the whole family. In fact, the dust and dirt accumulated under paws not only settles into their bed, but also throughout the house, causing the spread of bacteria and microbes. Not to mention hair moulting, which spreads quickly throughout all the rooms of the house!

Discover all the basic steps to thoroughly clean your cat's bed.

How to clean your cat's bed: useful tips for any type of material

Not all pet beds are the same: if the material is different from the more classic fabric, how do you disinfect your cat's bed? Should your pet's bed be made up of metal, plastic or wicker parts, you will need to divide the components so as to sanitise each part adequately.

  • Plastic: for plastic pet bed parts, we recommend using a soft cloth dampened with a solution of hot water and a multi-purpose detergent and disinfectant;
  • Metal: in this case, the use of water, which can lead to rust, must be avoided, opting instead for detergents suitable for this type of material;
  • Wicker: also in this case, it is better to avoid using plenty of water, opting for a slightly damp cloth and delicate detergent.

How to clean a fabric cat bed

Most cat beds are made up of soft removable cushions, which should be washed and sanitised regularly following a few basic steps.

First step: hoovering

First of all, to thoroughly clean a fabric cat bed, we recommend hoovering properly. A high-performance vacuum cleaner will help you to eliminate all traces of hair and dust from the floor where the cat bed is located. What’s more, to combat animal odours, Care+Protect scented vacuum cleaner granules will help you to diffuse the scent of cleanliness throughout the house (being 100% natural, they are not harmful to our feline friends).

Furthermore, for deep cleaning, we recommend an additional step using the vacuum: with the help of Hoover's H-HANDY 700, it will be possible to vacuum the dust and hair from your pet that has settled into even the most tricky of cushion fabric folds. The Pets kit, in fact, also includes a mini turbo brush, ideal for removing hidden hair and allergens.

Second step: washing 

At this point, it will be possible to remove your cat's bed and proceed to the actual washing of the various components: the cover and cushions.

After checking the washing instructions, you can put the covers in the washing machine, taking care to separate them from your laundry and any items belonging to human family members. If your cat's bed has any stubborn stains, a pre-wash will be useful alongside suitable stain removers, preferably those that do not contain components harmful to animals. In addition, for a really thorough cleaning of your cat's bed, even the internal cushions can be washed by hand or - if the material allows it - put in the washing machine, like any other cushion.

To sanitise your cat's bed and obtain the best possible results, it is necessary to rely on the best home appliances: with the Hoover H-WASH 500 washing machine, you can wash the cushion covers using the Allergy Care Pro cycle, which combines deep sanitation with maximum hygiene, eliminating up to 99.9% of mites. Furthermore, thanks to the 3+1 Care+Protect bags, which combine a descaling and degreasing action, you can sanitise your washing machine, always keeping it in perfect condition.

Thanks to these quick tips, your cat's bed will be perfectly clean and fragrant. Your four-legged friend will thank you too!

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