How to save electricity at home


Saving energy not only means keeping an eye on your wallet, but above all caring about our planet’s preservation. Recent studies carried out by the International Energy Agency (IEA) have shown that, by 2035, demand for energy will be 30% higher than it is today, with inevitable repercussions on pollution levels and on the state of conservation of the various ecosystems.

This is why, where possible, it is important to start saving electricity immediately, reducing consumption in your own small way for the greater good. Below are some tips on how to take measures that are not only possible, but a duty for everyone:


Home lighting

If you want to save money, you first need to choose the type of lighting, which should adapt to the characteristics of the various rooms in your home. However, it is equally important to make sure that natural light is used as much as possible by placing worktops or desks close to windows; this ensures, especially in summer, that you avoid turning on lights or lamps, using the sun’s rays instead. There are also rooms, such as the kitchen, which require very powerful lights, but even in this case you can work around the problem: instead of using classic spotlights (which are aesthetically pleasing, but expensive), choose LED strips, which guarantee efficient lighting without excessive consumption. Meanwhile, in the living area you should opt for lamps that can be adjusted to your needs.


Choice of appliances

Appliances are the main source of energy consumption in the home. Indeed up to 80% of your electricity bill is due to these appliances. This is why it is important to choose them carefully, favouring latest-generation appliances and replacing any older models. Always check that the label on your product specifies that it is Class A+ (or higher) and choose brands with a special focus on performance and well-being. At Hoover, we take these aspects very seriously and demonstrate this with each of our products.

In winter, when drying your laundry is even more important, we have designed AXI DRYER: the dryer with artificial intelligence and a capacity up to 125 litres, which is perfect for drying all of your family’s clothes – in a single cycle, enabling you to save energy.

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