Learn to store food without plastic


Discover these storage alternatives to be more environmentally friendly abstaining from using plastic.


Global plastic production has risen from 15 million tons per year in 1964 to 310 million today. Every year at least 8 million tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans and, to date, the sea is estimated to contain over 150 million tons of plastic. If this trend is not reversed, by 2025 the oceans will contain one tonne of plastic for every three tonnes of fish, while by 2050 there will be more plastic by weight than fish. This is why, in our own small way, it is important to cut down on its usage... starting with the fridge!


Fortunately, there are many alternatives to plastic containers or cling film for storing food and leftovers in the fridge. Here are some of them listed below!


Bowls and dishes to store your leftovers

Ceramic or stainless steel bowls and dishes are a good way to store leftovers without using plastic, especially if there is only a small amount of leftover food and it just needs to be kept in the fridge for a short time. You can cover them with a plate or a napkin.


Cotton cloths as an alternative

You can use dish cloths or cotton napkins to wrap certain leftovers such as bread, homemade biscuits or slices of breakfast cake.


Try classic paper bags

For food that does not require a lot of protection, you can simply use classic paper bags that are suitable for potatoes, carrots, dates, figs, pears, apples, fruit and vegetables in general. These bags help to absorb moisture.


Glass jars, perfect for conserving

Glass jars can be a good substitute for plastic containers when storing leftovers. For example, if these containers are large enough, they are perfect for conserving soups and broths. If you have some spare used glass jars, sterilize them in boiling water before using them as food containers.


And what about the fridge?


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