How to take care of your clothes to make them last for longer


Perfect clothes, just like day one

When buying clothes, we always wish they could last forever, and not just because they cost money. We often get attached to some of our wardrobe items, maybe because we bought them in a special place or someone gave them to us as a gift, or simply because we love how they suit us. Moreover, making clothes last longer is important to go towards a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe. But many times, a bad stain or a washing mistake can ruin our favorite clothes and leave us with just one choice: throw them away and buy new ones.

Don’t despair, clothes may not last forever but there is something you can do to keep them with you for longer. Here’s how:

The right washing routine

The first rule is you should always choose the right washing cycle for all types of clothes. Washing machines usually have different cycles that vary for temperature, time and type of fibers. If you need to wash different types of clothes with different colours and you are short in time you can go for an All in one 59’ program: with a temperature of 20°, it will allow you to get a perfect cleaning result for your jeans, shirts and jumpers in a small amount of time. For extra care you can choose the Care 30, a cycle with a temperature of 30° for a fast and deep cleaning without any damage. For dark clothes choose Wash Dark, the cycle specifically designed for dark colours, where you can mix different fibers while getting the greatest care.

Get your clothes ready before washing

Before starting your wash cycle, take some time to get your clothes ready. In case of bad stains, treat them properly with a specific product to make sure you will get the best washing result. Button up all your items and close the zippers to prevent them from snagging other fabric and, if you want to be extra safe, turn them inside out to limit colour fading.

Don’t overload

When the pile of clothes to wash gets big, your first thought may be throwing everything in one cycle and fill completely your washing machine. Doing this could actually be harmful to your clothing. Not only they won’t get as clean, but they could also rub together causing small damages that may turn into bigger ones in the long-term. Make separate washings instead and load your machine following the supplier’s suggestions.

Store properly

When storing your clothes, prefer a cool and dry space to protect them from damp, sunlight and heat which could cause damages. You should also choose the correct type of hanger: thin and wire hangers may cause stretch marks on shoulders or ruin the shape of your garments, so it’s always better to choose wooden or padded hangers and fold the most delicate.

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