How to use steam to clean surfaces


The decision to clean your home surfaces with steam allows you to thoroughly disinfect your surroundings and ensure your home is spick and span

Steam cleaning your home surfaces is a simple yet effective method for removing dirt, but also for sterilizing and removing external agents that could cause health problems. Steam cleaning is a popular method for allergy sufferers and for those who enjoy a healthy, hygienic home. How does the steam cleaning of surfaces work? And what are the benefits of this method?

How does steam cleaning work?

At home, steam is a useful ally while carrying out various household chores, such as cleaning carpets, floors or other dirty surfaces where bacteria and mould can proliferate easily.

But how does steam cleaning work? Steam appliances transform the water they contain into steam and release it externally. The pressure at which the steam is released is such that it dissolves all the dirt that accumulates even in the most hard-to-reach corners, while also performing a disinfecting action by removing mites, bacteria and external agents that can accumulate on surfaces.

When using steam to clean your home, for example, you can remove mould in the bathroom, limescale from taps and dirt from grout lines in the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms.

In general, our advice is to always check which surfaces can be cleaned without the risk of causing damage. In general, bear in mind some simple guidelines:

  • Steam cleaners should not be used on cold surfaces as the contrast between the cold air and the heat of the steam could damage the surface.
  • It is advisable to clean the steam cleaner’s filter carefully after each use so as to ensure the appliance keeps operating properly.


What are the advantages to using steam to clean your home surfaces?

The steam cleaning of surfaces is an excellent way to ensure proper and effective hygiene at home. Using a steam cleaner has several advantages. For example, it:

  • eliminates potentially hazardous external agents without the need for chemicals;
  • keeps the house fresh and free of bad odours;
  • effectively removes grease and dirt;
  • cleans both indoor floors and exterior surfaces.

Cleaning your home with steam also allows you to disinfect, not just floors and surfaces but also fabrics, and therefore furnishings such as sofas and carpets. Another advantage is the reduced use of water: with a steam cleaner you will use about a quarter of the liquid that you normally use to clean your home.

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