How do you wash white clothes in the washing machine without ruining them?


Washing white clothes may seem simple enough, but there are a few rules to follow to keep your clothes looking fresh.


Washing and separating clothes correctly may seem simple, but it’s not always the case, especially when it comes to washing white clothes in the washing machine. So, how do you wash white clothes in the washing machine? And how do you return yellowing or grey clothes to their former glory?


Washing white clothes, advice for sturdy and delicate garments

Your white washing can be separated into two piles: delicates and sturdier garments. The first step in learning how to wash white clothes is all about separating out these two types of garments. More resistant items include sheets, T-shirts, towels and tablecloths. When washing resistant items, add detergent and fabric softener to your washing machine before setting the temperature to at least  60°C. Once your washing machine starts to fill with water, add two spoons of bicarbonate of soda dissolved in a bit of water to the tray. It helps soften hard water and keep the machine running well.


If you decide to wash delicate items in the washing machine, remember to lower the temperature to around 30-40°C degrees. If you wash woollen clothes at a higher temperature, you may cause felting and irreversible damage. It’s also worth using a special detergent for delicate clothing. If you own a latest generation washing machine, you will be able to clean your delicate white garments more effectively using a steam wash, which gets rid of bacteria while protecting fibres at temperatures as low as 30°C degrees.


If you want to make sure your laundry is as eco-friendly as possible, remember not to put too many or too few clothes in the machine. If you only half-fill the drum, you might risk wasting water and electricity, while if you cram it full, your washing won’t come out clean.


White clothes with stubborn stains, how to wash them?

Got a wine stain on your favourite white T-shirt and don’t know what to do? Or perhaps your children’s trousers have grass stains on them? Relax. If your white garments are plagued with stubborn stains, it’s vital to pre-treat them before putting them in the washing machine. You can choose between specific stain removers or common household products such as salt, talc or dry shampoo.


Another thing to note when it comes to washing stained white clothes is your choice of detergent. Liquid detergents are not suitable for removing stubborn dirt. As such, we recommend using a powder, which is able to counteract almost all stains.



How to wash yellowing or grey clothes in the washing machine without ruining them.

While figuring out how to wash white clothes in your washing machine, you may have ended up with yellowed or greying items. So, how do you avoid this situation? First, remember to separate white clothes from coloured items and wash them separately.


It’s also important to use the right quantity of detergent based on how hard/soft your water is and how dirty your clothes are. If you put too much product in the drum, limescale and soap residues will accumulate on your clothes, forming a grey coating.


To wash white and coloured clothes in the washing machine, remember to pay attention to what it says on the label, which will give you precise washing instructions. Your choice of appliance is also essential. Hoover’s front-loading washing machines guarantee top performance, giving you maximum results.

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