How to wash your sportswear


Special washing needs special tips: discover our guide to keep your sportswear in perfect condition

Running, workout, team sports: keeping fit is a huge trend, especially today. But what about sportswear?

Every activity has its dedicated tools and apparels. Here are some tricks to keep them perfect for long-lasting performances.

Sport activities for a healthy life

A healthy life comes from balanced nutrition and physical activity. Whether you work out in your home or you prefer outdoor activities, keeping your body fit is the best way for a 360° wellbeing. Yoga, pilates and all the different physical disciplines are good as well. So dust off your sportswear and start your chosen workout.   

Most used fabrics for sportswear

To have the most comfortable workout session you need sportswear that reduces perspiration and enables smooth movements. That’s why sport dedicated clothing are often created with special materials. From cotton to microfiber, from spandex to polyester, from nylon to polypropylene: these fabrics need some special washing precautions.

Pre-treatment and washing

Since they allow you to get the best from yourself, your sportswear needs more care than normal clothes. Here’s some tips to wash them:

  • since most of dirt accumulates inside, turn everything inside-out to have the best washing performance without damaging the garments colours
  • use less detergents than you usually use with your normal clothes: adding more of it does not help in removing smells, and it could be harmful for your sportswear
  • select a cold water program on your washing machine to give your clothes the most delicate treatment
  • air-dry your clothes just hanging them on the line, or select the lowest heat program of your dryer
  • in case of a very strong smell, an optional trick is to soak your clothes in cold water and a bit of vinegar: it helps in safely eliminating smells

Detergents role and risks

Despite what many people think, adding more detergents to wash sportswear is not the best way to wash them. So, when it comes to detergents, you need to be very careful: every excess could build up on the garments, trapping dirt and dead skin in them. However, since it damages every stretching material, the main enemy of sportswear is fabric softener.

Hoover AXI washing machines range provides a special program dedicated to delicate garments, perfect for sportswear, Total Care. This program allows you to wash different kinds of fabrics and colours together, preventing damages using the right amount of detergents: the Active Care Technology creates a special combination of water and detergent, improving the washing performance without adding more detergents.

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