No more messy Christmas mornings


A stress-free Christmas day

For most of us Christmas morning means only one thing: gifts unwrapping. This is one of the most awaited and joyful moments, especially when kids are around. The amazement in their eyes, the big smiles on their faces and the cheerful atmosphere that spreads in the house is something worth waiting for.

But with all this excitement around, chances are that once all the gifts have been opened the room will look like a big mess. Wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and glitters will be found all over the place long after the Christmas holidays.

What if there was a way to avoid all this? This year, we prepared a list of tips that will be a great game changer, helping you prevent the mess,limit Christmas chaos and give you more time to enjoy the things that truly matter.

Set “the scene”

Just like all big moments, your Christmas unwrapping needs a stage. You surely don’t want the mess to spread all around the house, do you? Then choose a room in your home and make sure everything happens in that space. This will save you a lot of time wandering around the house looking for the last piece of wrapping paper and will make it easier for you to clean up after. Also, try to define a dedicated moment where you’ll open up everything, so you won’t have to do the cleaning more than once.

Be prepared

Ounce of prevention, pound of cure. After deciding the place, make sure to equip it with all you need. Bring some boxes, bins or bags and put it in the center of the room, or wherever you can have it handy. Designate one for rubbish, one for bags that can be reused and one for recycling. After opening each present, check that trimmings end up in the correct place. This way, once you’re done with the unwrapping you will only have to store away the bins to have your room tidy again.

Give everything a place

A place for everything, everything at its place. They say this is the key to a perfectly tidy home. Once the unwrapping moment it’s finished, do not let all gifts laying in the room. Instead, bring it to the room or place they belong to. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to open all boxes, install electronic devices and rearrange your house. Simply move all items to the correct area in order to declutter your main space and enjoy the rest of Christmas day. 

Find an ally

You’re no superhuman, so don’t be afraid to ask for some help if you need it. For example, you could turn this operation into sort of a game and have children help you. If you need extra precision for the smallest debris, always keep an ace up your sleeve: a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Hoover H-HANDY 700 will be the perfect companion. Versatile, powerful and lightweight, it will remove all debris and dust in the quickest and easiest way. Its Direct Impulse Motor provides outstanding suction power, and its set of dedicated accessories will allow you to reach all corners and narrow spaces.

If you don’t have it already, make sure you’ll find one under your Christmas tree this year.

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