Perfect air quality for a better sleep


Breathing better means sleeping better. Wondering how?

Many studies associate good sleep quality with widespread psychophysical well-being. Obviously, we are not referring only to the hours of sleep of an individual, but to the set of qualities of his sleep. There are many factors that can hinder a good night's sleep: heavy food, stress, mattress, and the air we breathe. Yes, you read that correctly. Breathing healthy air is essential for good sleep quality. But how do we control it? Let's find out together.

Cleaner air. Are we sure?

We take it for granted that the air in the house is less polluted than that outside, but this is not always the case! Pet hair, dust, allergenic pollen, ultra-fine particles, bacteria, gas, formaldehyde, detergents, deodorants and kitchen fumes - all of which can cause long-term damage and ruin your nights. For this reason, Hoover has created the new H-PURIFIER 700, is the perfect solution for a healthier and a safer home environment.

Intelligent purification

How does H-PURIFIER 700 work? How does the air we breathe improve operationally? It does this in three simple steps:


A Multi Sensors System checks the indoor air quality in real time, monitoring polluting agents.


Thanks to its special three-level H-TRIFILTER filter, it guarantees 99.97% removal of nano particles.


With its 360 ° Airflow, the purified air is spread in every direction, guaranteeing purified air in every corner.

Diffuser and humidifier

H-PURIFIER 700 does more than just purifying. You can also spread into the air enjoyable fragrances or probiotics that help hygienizing surfaces to make your home completely free from bacteria.

In addition to purifying and diffusing, H-PURIFIER 700 is also an excellent humidifier. By increasing the humidity level, the Humidifier improves the air quality. You can easily choose the chosen humidity level: you can choose one of the 3 default settings (40%, 55% and 70%) or personalize humidity settings via the hOn App.


H-PURIFIER 700 is totally connected and manageable through the hOn App: access a world of functions that will improve your purification experience. The hOn APP allows you to collect data on indoor and outdoor air, provides real-time monitoring information on indoor and outdoor pollution, humidity and temperature to always guarantee the best air quality.

It is also possible to set a customized schedule of programs and functions and check the status of the air quality via the hOn app. In case of carbon monoxide detection, the App will send a message to the phone.

Sleep soundly, thanks to H-PURIFIER 700.

Hoover, the way you live.

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