Creative ways to recycle plastic bottles


Inundated with plastic bottles? Do you love DIY and care about protecting the environment? No problem! With a little imagination, this problem can be combined with your passion and your eco-friendly state of mind, putting what is undoubtedly one of the most common forms of waste in our homes to a thousand creative uses.

Equip yourself with everything you need for a DIY job (multi-purpose glue, scissors, colouring pens, etc.) and get ready to give your plastic bottles a second life, assigning them a new, unexpected function rather than throwing them away. Curious to discover how? Find out in our article!

  • Make-up case brush holder: all you have to do is cut a brightly coloured bottle in half (you may find certain drinks bottles suitable) keep the lower part to make a light, large and easily washable make-up brush holder To model the shape and smooth the edges of the cut part, place it on the surface of an iron for a few seconds. Heat will do the rest!
  • Magazine rack: cut a few bottles at the neck, line them up on a rectangle of wood or plywood and glue them to it using multi-purpose glue. This will allow you to create a mobile organizer for storing your newspapers and magazines without leaving them around the house to collect dust!
  • Vase: why buy a plastic vase when an empty bottle can perfectly serve the same purpose? Cut it in half or make a hole on one of the sides (depending on whether you want to position the vase vertically or horizontally), fill it with soil and plant your seedling! Obviously, feel free to decorate and personalise your vase with colourful designs and patterns.
  • Piggy bank: is your young child asking you for a piggy bank to store their coins? The solution is at your fingertips! Take an empty bottle (preferably a half-litre bottle), make an appropriately sized slit with a pair of scissors, then colour the bottle and decorate it with cardboard (maybe turning it into a fun little pig). And voilà, your piggy bank is ready!

To reduce plastic consumption, start using glass bottles: eco-friendly and endlessly reusable. In Hoover’s H-FRIDGE700 refrigerator you will have even more space to store them!

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