Running maintenance of your home appliances to improve performance and durability


Taking care of your home appliances

With life getting busier and busier, home appliances have become essential allies for our home management. In fact, we could hardly imagine a day without their precious help for activities such as washing and drying clothes, washing dishes and cooking. Using them in a correct way and run periodical maintenance may be a good thing to do in order to avoid any damage and make them last for longer.

Here are some tips for using your home appliances in the best way and enhance their lifespan.

Avoid overloads

A general rule for any of your home appliances is to avoid overloads, as this means that the machine will have to work more to provide the desired result. For example, filling your fridge with too many food items may cause the compressor to work more in order to keep food and beverages at the right temperature. This may lead not only to bad refrigeration and but also to a burn out of your fridge. The same goes for your washing machine: too many clothes in the drum will make it harder for the water and detergent to spread, meaning that the effort of your washer to get the best result will increase.

Check the do’s and don’ts

When using home appliances, remember to follow the basic rules of the specific device you are using. For example, you should never put any metal utensil or items in your microwave, as well as paper bags and sealed containers to avoid explosions. The same goes for your washing machine. Before loading the drum, remember to check the pockets and remove any object that could damage the machine.

Keep them clean

Cleaning your home appliances periodically will be of great help if you want to make them last for longer. You may think that the machines that were designed for cleaning will clean themselves  but that’s not exactly true. In fact, dirt may accumulate and make it harder for these devices to do their job. Dishwashers, washing machines and ovens will all benefit from it, improving efficiency and allowing them to work more effectively while preventing issues and damages that might need consistent reparation.

 Follow maintenance instructions 

It sounds easy, but we know that most of you will just throw maintenance instructions in some remote corner of your home and forget about it. That’s why Hoover developed the hOn App, the exclusive App designed to improve your experience with home appliances through a world of extra content. Among these, you can find useful maintenance tips to help you take care of your appliances such as H-WASH 500, H-DRY 500 or H-PURIFIER 700. You will be able to check the health status of your machine, launch auto-cleaning cycles, access step by step guides and get programmed maintenance updates.

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