Air purifier: when should i turn it on?


A matter of timing

A good indoor air quality is important to breathe and live in a better and healthier way. And with the air in the interior being 5 times more polluted than the exterior, buying an air purifier seems just the right choice.

In order to get the maximum benefit from it, you should make sure you are using it right. When is the right time to turn it on? Should you run it all day? Here are the answers to some of these questions.

Let it run

If you spend most of your time at home, you should have your air purifier running all day. The reason is very simple: once you turn off the device, the air will get contaminated again within a few hours. This works especially if you’re using it to reduce allergies as it will help to get rid of those substances that stay in the environment causing unpleasant allergic reactions.

A better sleep

Having clean air at home is important during the day just as it is at night. Keeping your air purifier on during bedtime can improve your quality of sleep. In fact, it will not just help you breathe better, but it will also make the air fresher, which is fundamental for a good sleeping as our body rests better in cool temperatures. Moreover, during flu season it’s very useful to get rid of stuffy noses, congestion and shortness of breath.

Windows closed

Running a purifier works well for cleaning the air in the house, but of course sometimes it is necessary to open the windows and let some fresh air coming in. When you do, it is better to turn your purifier off, as the air coming in from the outside will reduce its performance. The device will have to clean both the air which is already in the room and the one entering from the exterior. This will in fact introduce contaminants like allergens in your home, as the outside environment is not free from polluting substances.

If you want to have some more reliable information on the quality of your indoor air, you can choose a smart device. H-PURIFIER can be connected to the hOn App which allows you to set customized programs and check the state of your home environment, so that you will always know when it’s time to have your purifier running and when you can turn it off instead. It also warns you when carbon monoxide is detected, and sends you a message within the App. This way you can always have a safe and healthy home. Find out more!

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