Your summer colour palette


Have no doubts: these are the trendy colours for the summer!

Every year there are colours that dominate all the others. But also timeless classics that cannot be missing in our wardrobe. The latest colour analysis trends suggest choosing colours for your clothing based on the colour of the complexion, eyes and hair. But what are the colours on trend this summer? Take a look at this guide to keep up with fashion!

Pastel colours

During the winter fashion shows, we saw how the protruding colours of the women's glamor shows are pastel colours. Pink above all, highly recommended for this year, but also sea water green, mimosa yellow and ice gray. Heights indicated for long skirts and jackets, ending with accessories such as bags and shoes. The pastel colours are heights indicated for the summer season for the lightness and soft colours that will highlight your tan.

Grounds and sand

As for refinement and versatility, it is necessary to name the colours of the earth and sand: brown, ocher and yellow. Ideal for casual but also elegant looks, these colours bring out a lot of tan. Ideal for sheath dresses or tight pants. Highly indicated for dark complexions, they can also be worn well by blondes or those with a light complexion: just add a touch of caramel, coffee or cocoa. Also the accessories are inevitable, we definitely recommend sandals.

Water colours

Dress up in water and you can't go wrong. Aquatic colours are very popular at this time of year. From aqua green to various shades of blue, they will give you a refined and elegant look. Long dresses, loose-fitting shirts or even simple trousers and you will be sure to always stand out among people. Also inevitable accessories and light points. Also let's not forget that Classic Blue is the Pantone colour of the year 2020.

Black & White

Unmissable, like every year, the two colours/not colours of all time. Black and white. Two colours that are timeless and suitable for all circumstances. Long dresses, sweaters, pants. If you want to be on the safe side and be suitable for any situation, always focus on the classic, you can't go wrong!

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