Summer foods and how to preserve them


Conservation methods of summer seasonal foods.

With the arrival of summer, seasonal foods also arrive. We know that nowadays it is very easy to find all the ingredients every day of the year, but consuming food in its natural season is always good advice. In this guide we will show you which are the main summer food groups, their properties and how to best preserve them to avoid waste. Always remember not to overestimate the quantity when you shop and buy only what you are sure you can consume!


Cereals are a must for a healthy and varied diet. Thanks to their nutritional intake rich in Vitamin B, minerals, fibre and proteins are among the most consumed foods in the world. During the summer season the protagonist is certainly corn, which can be used in various ways, without forgetting barley, spelled, oats and rye. To best preserve cereals, it is advisable to store them in closed jars, in an environment free of humidity and at a temperature that does not exceed 15 °.

Vegetables and greens

Vegetables and greens are a key food in the diet: rich in fibre, they contain potassium and magnesium. With the arrival of the summer season, there are some delicious vegetables excellent for salads or as twisted for your dishes. Chard, chicory, cucumber, peas, tomatoes, aubergines and radishes. By the end of August, pumpkins and spinach also arrive. For storage, it is advisable to dry the vegetables well after washing them before putting them in the fridge to prevent them from deteriorating quickly. Another tip is to store vegetables and fruit on two shelves separate from the refrigerator. The only exception concerns tomatoes, which during the summer should be kept out of the fridge but away from sun exposure.


Fruit is the real star of the summer. With warm temperatures, these elements rich in water and low in fat are an excellent healthy snack, ideal for any time of the day. Among the many beneficial properties, fruit is rich in fibre, lowers cholesterol and promotes digestion. Typically, summer fruits are red fruits, cherries and strawberries among all, apricots, peaches, figs, watermelons and melons. The fruit is stored in the refrigerator, preferably in the middle part, where the temperature is less cold, with the aim of safeguarding the state of conservation for as long as possible.

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