A guide to brightening up your garden


The glorious days of sunny weather and alfresco dining are fast approaching. As the summer season approaches, there’s plenty you can do to brighten up your garden. Whether you own a large lawn or a compact courtyard, these inspiring summer garden ideas will make your garden stand out and turn it into a heavenly space.

Go bold with colour

Bold colours are just about everywhere within homes & interiors and your garden needn’t be the exception to the rule. In fact, the brighter the better.

Leading garden designer, Sue Townsend, predicts the vibrant jewel colours are set to dominate our gardens this summer; think hot colours such as orange and yellow combined with sultry purples and blues.

It won’t just be when it comes to plants either, that we’ll see a rise in colour in the garden. Coloured porcelain, including tiles and pots will feature heavily as more people move towards styling their outdoor space as they would an indoor room. To make colour work, simplicity and repetition are the key things to remember. 

Add a splash of water

Using water in your garden can instantly brighten up the space as its reflective surface helps to bounce light around. If you have the space, introduce a water feature that reflects the light upwards, and depending on your personal preference it can provide a haven for wildlife – attracting birds, bees and insects which bring life to a garden – or something a little more formal.

If you’re tight on space, consider a bird bath. While only a small area of water, it will attract plenty of birds whose feathers can add splashes of colour and whose bird song can lift the mood of your garden.

Hanging plants

Traditional hanging baskets are a great way of brightening up your garden, but these will get a 2019 makeover.

Sculptural plants will dominate this trend, with the popularity of houseplants being translated outside into exotic-style plants with architectural leaves and stems making a bold statement.

Hanging plants also offer the benefit of not taking up valuable floor space which is often at a premium for those lucky enough to have an urban garden, and instead can be hung from wall brackets.

Crazy paving

You heard it here first, crazy paving is making a come back after being consigned to the history of the ‘90s.

If you have the time, money and space, crazy paving and steppingstones in large irregular slabs can be a great way of brightening up your lawn or garden. If you only have a small patio space, porcelain paving, and tiles can be used outdoors and can be bought in an array of patterns or can replicate real stone but with a non-slip quality.

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