Taking care of your laundry with connected appliances


The new connected experience

Connected home appliances are spreading more and more, turning home management into a whole new experience. Hoover has developed the hOn App, an innovative App able to communicate with different elements in your home to help you keep everything under control and handle all chores.

In particular, you can get the best washing results for your laundry by connecting your washing machine and dryer to the App and access a world of extra content and features.

Let’s take into consideration your H-DRY 500: how can the hOn App improve your drying experience? What are the advantages? Keep reading and find out!

Control remotely

How many times have you forgotten your laundry in the dryer after you ran it, just to find wrinkles all over your clothes? Ironing is surely not an easy task when it happens. With the hOn App it will never happen again: by connecting your H-DRY 500 you will be able to check the status of your drying cycle remotely and receive end of cycle notification.

Sync with your washer

What cycle should you run to get the perfect drying result for your laundry? With the hOn App you can synchronize your H-DRY 500 to H-WASH 500. The App will recognize washing cycle, spin and amount of the load and automatically choose the right cycle and setting for your dryer accordingly.

Extend your dryer’s lifespan

You won’t have to worry about maintenance anymore! With the hOn App you can get programmed maintenance updates to preserve your dryer’s reliability and performances. Just follow step-by-step guide on the App to complete procedures.

Improve your drying results

Wouldn’t it be great to get customized advice on how to use your dryer? The HINTS&TIPS section on the hOn App was developed to provide you with useful suggestions to take care of your clothes and get the best drying results while reducing wastes.

More efficiency

Track your usage habits and get real-time consumption data during drying cycles to improve efficiency and save energy and money.

Specific cycles

With H-DRY 500, every type of fiber can be treated specifically thanks to a wide variety of drying cycles available via hOn App. You will be able to choose among more than 20 additional cycles to take care of fibers such as denim, baby clothes, gym clothes, swimsuit and bikinis, rapid programs for your delicates and cycles designed for refreshing your items, improving your everyday wellbeing. Discover more.

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