Work from: the best destination for summer 2022


Work from wherever you want

Working at the beach, in the swimming pool or simply with a beautiful mountain view during the last two years has become something “normal”. But, fortunately or not (it depends on people’s mindsets and habits), working remotely has also become a trend that many companies and agencies in the world are following because CEOs noticed that employees’ happiness increased due to a better balance between life and work. The best thing about remote workers is that they have understood that working from home doesn’t necessarily mean “work from home”, but working from wherever you want. Around the world, exists hubs and co-working spaces where all the people can perfectly work in beautiful and peaceful places pulling the plug from their usual work routine. Let’s see 4 perfect destinations to choose to work remotely

1. Portugal

Portugal always sounds like a very appealing place. Beautiful beaches, the sound of the ocean, the perfect climate, and the not so high cost of living, make this destination perfect for a great balance between work, relaxation and fun. In the last few years has born a lot of initiatives to help digital nomads to come to Portugal. For example, the Non-Habitual tax residency (NHR) gives special tax benefits for the first ten years of living in Portugal. Anyway if you are not interested in moving to this beautiful nation, you can find beautiful spots, bars, and creative hubs where to work during your summer.

2. Spain

Spain, Portugal’s neighbor, is another idyllic place to choose for your remote work. Spanish government too has thought about digital workers, providing a special visa (check on the internet for more info). From north to south, in Spain there are more than 400 co-working places to choose for your remote working period. 

3. Malta

For just a weekend, a week, or a month, Malta is the third best place to choose for your remote work. Why this little island? Because people are attracted to the culture, the climate, the hospitality for sure and the rising number of co-working spaces. If you are looking for places where to create a network, or a place open 24/7, in Malta you can find the best solution that fits your budget, needs, and goals.

4. Romania

In the collective imagination, Romania is famous for castles and vampires. Not everyone knows that Bucarest in particular has become a very successful place for creative minds and startups. Romanian people set their development by focusing on super-fast Internet connections and hi-tech companies: key elements for smart working. However, after working hours, you can explore the Romanian culture and legends.

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