A vacuum cleaner that is perfect for you


Think about your needs

With dust hiding everywhere, a vacuum cleaner is a must have device in anyone’s home. When it comes to buying a new one though, choosing among the many different types available on the market can get hard. The golden rule is going for the one that better suits your home and your needs. 

Still don’t know where to start? Here’s our guide for choosing the best vacuum cleaner.

Analyze your home

How big is your home? Does it have more than one level? What type of floor do you have? When buying a new vacuum cleaner, considering these aspects can be a game changer. Some devices are more manoeuvrable and lightweight than others, some have greater suction power and longer run time that allow to handle wider surfaces and make transporting easy.

If manoeuvrability is what you’re looking for, you should consider the H-FREE 500, the lightest and most compact cordless stick of Hoover’s range that reaches all corners thanks to its innovative H-Lab Flat&Drive nozzle. Thanks to its ultra-advanced H-Lab Lithium battery, it can cover larger homes with an autonomy of up to 40 minutes when using accessories. 

Track your cleaning habits…

If you have kids, pets or suffer from allergies you might be among those who vacuum their home every day, and sometimes even more than once a day, turning it into a real routine. In this case, a compact, easy-to-store vacuum cleaner is essential, as a device that is difficult to access and use quickly might slow you down and make it a real hassle.

A handheld vacuum cleaner can be the perfect ally for a tight dusting schedule. Hoover H-HANDY 700 will help you keep your house fully clean and tackle even unexpected chores. Small but powerful, it is equipped with a set of dedicated accessories for different needs and an EPA filter for optimal air filtration and long-lasting performance. Among the accessories you can find the Dusting Brush for hard surfaces, the Crevice Tool for corners and narrow spaces and the Furniture Tool for fabric. The H-HANDY 700 PETS also include an innovative accessory with a motorized nozzle that allow you to easily remove pet and allergens from sofas, armchairs and textiles.

…and your schedule

If you’re also looking for extra sanitization, you should consider Hoover’s Steam Mop & Handheld 2in1, the 2-in-1 steam cleaner offer  a floor mop with a removable handheld option for higher to reach places. The action of steam will guarantee a safe and hygienic home environment and removal of 99.9% of germs and bacteria without using chemical detergents.

Define your budget

Cordless sticks are a good choice, but if you’re looking for a more cost-effective and reliable solution you should consider either an upright vacuum cleaner or a towing vacuum cleaner. Hoover features a whole range of upright vacuum cleaners. One example is the H-UPRIGHT 500 PLUS: thanks to the Floor Sensor Technology, it automatically adjusts the suction power and brush bar speed for optimal performance on all floor types, its Multi-cyclonic technology allows not to lose any suction power, and it is ultra manoeuvrable in use with is swivelling, low profile floor nozzle.

If you prefer a lighter vacuum cleaner, you should consider Hoover H-UPRIGHT 300. The Lightest, Steerable Upright Hoover Vacuum EVER! With its 80° steering angle, the swivelling floor nozzle glides around your home and furniture with ease with no loss of suction. The H-UPRIGHT 300 & H-UPRIGHT 300 PETS comes with an Allergy Care H13 HEPA Filter - Ideal for allergy sufferers.  

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