Tips and tricks for a perfect summer clothes laundry


The delicate fabrics of summer clothes need more care during laundry: find out how to take better care of them.


Light fabrics, light colors: summer has arrived! With the heat and the sun raging, our summer clothes can easily be ruined if we don't take the right precautions. Today we will give you some useful tips to better wash your summer laundry. Find out more.


Read the labels

Before washing a garment, it would always be appropriate to read the label. It could be a delicate garment that needs an unusual temperature or a particular washing. Check all the information on the label carefully and you won't have any surprises!


Divide your laundry

Summer is synonymous with colorful and light garments, but this does not mean that the garments must be washed all together. Use different baskets to collect light and dark items: this little foresight will save you time when washing. Get the whole family used to make this partition, it will be much simpler and you will not risk damaging your delicate items.


Use the right detergent

Using so much detergent is not synonymous with better cleaning. Indeed, the excessive use of detergent could damage your washing machine and ruin your clothes. For your summer laundry, always choose a detergent suitable for delicate items, combine a good fabric softener and moderate their use.


How to treat summer fabrics

Linen, silk, cotton, what coolness! Summer fabrics are as comfortable as they are delicate. Let's see how to best treat them to avoid ruining them.


Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics on the market, it is light and very breathable. White cotton can be washed up to 90 °, while temperatures for colored cotton must not exceed 60 °, with a short rinse and as little spin as possible.


Linen is particularly indicated for absorbing humidity and for the sensation of freshness that it gives in contact with the skin. It should be washed at a maximum temperature of 60 ° for whites and not more than 40 ° for colors with a not intense washing cycle.


Silk is and will always remain a must for elegant summer evenings. A long dress is beautiful to look at and pleasant to wear. However, it is also a very delicate fabric, which requires particular attention during washing. Make sure you use a cycle suitable for delicate clothes and never exceed 30 °. A good idea would be to wrap the silk clothes in a net to avoid direct contact with the basket.


Let's not forget swimwear


Summer also means sea, lake and swimming pool! To protect our swimwear, every 5-6 hand washes, you can wash them in the washing machine to eliminate chlorine or salt. Set a wash to a maximum of 30 ° or opt for a cold wash without using the centrifuge. One more time we recommend using a net or to wash them inside a pillowcase.


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