How To Wash Clothes In a Washing Machine: Tips For Perfect Laundry


Finding the time to keep your house clean and tidy while working and looking after a family can be difficult. Add in the washing and it probably feels like you never have a moment to yourself. Thankfully, washing machines have made the task much easier.

However, if you’ve ever experienced clothes coming out of the washing machine with an unpleasant smell, you’ll already know there is more to washing than just placing clothes in the machine.

Fortunately, you can have perfect laundry by discovering the secrets to how to wash clothes in a washing machine. The following tips will give you clean, great-smelling clothes that take less time to achieve.

Find Your Perfect Washing Machine

They say a bad workman blames his tools. But, when it comes to washing, the right machine can make a big difference. Modern machines, like Hoover’s H-WASH 500 washing machine, offer outstanding results while taking care of your laundry. It has a self-dosage system, 9 different care cycles, and an Eco-Power Inverter Motor that allow you to have perfectly clean laundry!

In short, a modern and efficient machine will use less water, incorporate smart controls, and still leave your clothes cleaner and smelling great. It’s also a great way to ensure you are doing eco-friendly laundry.

Of course, when you choose a machine make sure you understand all the washing machine symbols, both on your machine and your clothes. This will ensure you are using the right wash for each type of clothing.

Pre-Washing Tips

Preventing your washing machine from making clothes smell starts by doing the prep work.

  • Stains

Take a look at each garment and check for stains or things that will cause odours. When you find any, dab the area carefully with a little white vinegar and leave for 10-15 minutes. Stubborn stains can benefit from a little vinegar mixed with baking soda to make a paste. 

It’s better than relying on bleach or stain-removal products that can damage your clothes.

  • Unwanted Items

This is also the time to check the pockets of all clothes. You want to remove keys and coins which can contribute to making washing machine clothes smell. Pay particular attention to tissues, as these are a nightmare in your washing machine. It’s best to turn all pockets inside out.

  • Sort Clothing

If you want to know how to wash clothes in a washing machine, then the most basic advice is to sort your clothing properly. Read all labels to see what cycle they should be included with, and follow those instructions.

  • Buttons & Zips

Buttons should be left undone. This reduces the stress on them when they’re in the machine. In contrast, zips and bra clips need to be done up to reduce the damage they do to other clothing in the machine. A loose zip can even damage the inside of the drum.

Top Tips When Washing

You need to know the cycles on your machine to choose the best one for each item of clothing. This is one time when reading the manual is imperative.

But, you also need to follow some basic tips to make sure your clothes don’t come out smelly

  • Detergent

Always choose the right detergent. You should note that delicate garments shouldn’t just be washed, you also need to know how to disinfect your laundry, this will help to guarantee the right results every time.

The right detergent is a personal choice depending on your preferred aroma, allergies, and how well you think it works. Even the hardness of your water can affect it.

  • Divide Clothes By Fabric

You should have already read the label to isolate materials and wash like with like. It’s also important to wash white clothes separately to make sure you get the desired results.

You’re not just looking to separate light and darks in the wash, you need to keep heavily soiled items separate from lightly soiled ones. Don’t forget sportswear is in a class of its own due to heavy sweating while working out. Check out this guide to how to wash sportswear

  • Bleed First

When you are washing something for the first time, dampen a small spot of it and blot it with a clean white cloth. If the colour comes out the item will need to be washed by itself. Only when it passes the bleed test can you wash it with other garments.

  • Items Go Inside Out

Clothing that is in direct contact with your body will pick up sweat and natural oils. Turn these items inside out to make sure the relevant areas are in direct contact with the detergent, so that they come out clean.

Post-Washing Tips

Washed clothes need to be dried. That means reading the label to know what to dry in the tumble dryer and what should be hung, or folded

Wherever possible, it is best to hang your clothes outside and let them air dry. If you have to dry them inside make sure there is plenty of ventilation to dehumidify the house. This speeds up drying time and the best way to reduce damp and mould in your home.

Hanging items on a clothes hanger can help them retain shape and reduce ironing time. You may also find it useful to invest in a heated airer. They hold approximately 10kg of washing and cost roughly 4p per hour to run.

No matter how long you’ve been doing washing for, there is always something to be learned and improved regarding how to wash clothes in a washing machine.

These tips should save you time and allow you to have clean clothes that you can proudly wear. The best part is, once you develop your new skills, they’ll be second nature!



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