Children on board: how to keep your car clean


Whether it is a 5 hours road trip or a 5-minutes drive to the store, children can make it hard to keep the interior of the car tidy and clean: snacks, toys and stains will easily turn it into a mess.  

Although it may seem difficult, it is not impossible to accomplish. Don’t worry if you are struggling, here are some rules to follow when having children on board.

Limit snacks

Snacks are number one enemy when it comes to travelling with your kids. Dirt and crumbs will easily spread all around and one simple juice box can turn into a real disaster. Of course you can’t avoid them completely, but you can limit them to long road trips and place a small rubbish bagin the back seat for the kids to use. This way you will not only have a dirt-free car but you will also teach them the importance of keeping spaces clean and tidy.

Think ahead

“Prevention is better than cure”, they say. And we couldn’t agree more. Travelling with children will inevitably bring some chaos to the interior of your car, so why not making sure you are ready for any inconvenience? Organizing containers, spill-proof cups and napkins are a powerful ally against stains and disorder. If you want to take a further step, you can also keep a bottle of detergent and a cloth to fix any problem straight away.

Set some rules

Prevention also means setting some ground rules. Not only for your children but also for yourself. The most important of all is certainly “What goes in must come out”. How many times have you brought things into your car and then forgot about them? With this rule you’ll no longer face this problem. When coming home dedicate a few minutes to collect all the things you previously put inside the car and take them out. This way you’ll avoid having items sitting in the back of your car.

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