Why should you keep using your tumble dryer this summer


Get the best drying results

With the temperatures going up and the days becoming sunnier, you may be thinking about giving up on your tumble dryer for a while and leaving your clothes drying outside. Have you considered all the advantages that would bring using your tumble dryer even in summer though?

Here you can read some of them:

Saving time

Are you about to leave for a vacation and those clothes that should be put in your luggage are still damp? With a tumble dryer you won’t have to face this problem anymore. When in a hurry, you can run a fast spin and get your items ready to use in no time.

Avoiding summer storms

Summer is surely the sunniest season of the year but when summer storms hit, they usually come unexpectedly. How many times have you hung your clothes outside during a sunny day just to find them all wet because of a sudden rain during the night or while you’re at work? And how much time and energy have you wasted in rewashing the load after it got covered in rain? Using a tumble dryer is surely a good solution to avoid it.  

More comfort

Don’t you love that feeling of slipping in freshly laundered clothes or bed linens? A tumble dryer is more likely to provide you with soft, fluffy clothes. This is because the clothing is constantly moving inside the dryer, making it easier for the water to evaporate and therefore ensuring a softer result.

More hygiene

Thanks to the action of high temperatures, drying your clothes in a tumble dryer will help you kill germs and bacteria that may be left on your garments after the washing. Hanging your clothes outside, might instead expose your laundry to air pollution and allergens. Moreover, some dryers have specific hygiene cycles designed to provide you with the safest result for your laundry.

What about waste? Hoover H-DRY 500 features the best energy class to ensure less energy consumption and maximum efficiency to respect the environment. Full care for your laundry is also guaranteed thanks to a set of up to 9 special programs dedicated to different needs, together with the additional drying cycles available via hOn App. If you’re in need of deep sanitation for your garments, you can count on the Active Dry function to remove bad smells, germs, spores and bacteria in a natural way and refresh your fibers.

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