Where should you place the air purifier and why?


Where should you place the air purifier to boost its performance? A few tips for your daily well-being

The air purifier is now the first ally for your daily well-being at home. Lately, air quality is substantially worse, and the cause of this is the high concentration of vehicle and industrial pollution. Thanks to the air purifier, you can breathe in healthy and clean air, at least in your home.

But where should you place the air purifier to boost this appliance’s performance? There are certain rules to follow to enjoy this device to the fullest, and always ensure an excellent air, away from dirt and pollution.

Air purifier at home: where should you place it?

In order to boost the device’s performance, always place the air purifier in the middle of the room, and possibly in a raised position, such as on top of a cabinet or desk. In any case, keep the air purifier at least 50 cm away from any other object.

Breathing clean air while you sleep is essential to rest better: this is why you should place your air purifier in your bedroom. Sleeping well, while breathing clean air, will help you fend off issues such as asthma and allergies. Another alternative to where to place the air purifier in your home, is in the room where you spend most of your day: an excellent solution for smart working, is placing it in your living room. The air purifier is also perfect for open plan living, because the device can also neutralize any cooking vapours.

To choose the air purifier that best suits your needs, you can assess the room you want to place it in, while keeping in mind that there are mobile air devices that you can move during the day to the room you want.

Where you shouldn’t place the air purifier

It is essential to keep it away from any heat sources (such as radiators or stoves) and sinks. In particular, it is not recommended to place it in the bathroom, basement or in especially humid environments. Over time, humidity may wear out the filters.

What’s the point of an air purifier?

The air purifier is an innovative device that, thanks to a sophisticated ventilation system with cutting-edge filters, is designed to capture and eliminate any organic compound that is harmful to our body. These include bacteria, pollen, mould, dust and fungi. The H-PURIFIER 300 is designed to ensure a greater and intelligent purification experience: thanks to its ultramodern technology, it can purify a 20 square meter room in just 9 minutes. It is equipped with a multifunctional sensor, designed to monitor the quality of indoor air in real time.

The 360° air flow evenly distributes purified air in all directions, with top-down waves. In addition, thanks to the hOn app, you are always connected and can even control its operation remotely.

The air purifier is not just a household appliance: it is a real ally to yours and your family’s health. Just choose the best one for you, and place it in the best spot in your house, for guaranteed results.

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