Which vacuum cleaner to choose between corded and cordless?


Discover how vacuum cleaners work, which vacuum cleaner is better, why the cordless option is worth considering, and why it may be the better option.

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way since the first one was invented by James Spangler in 1908. In fact, the original broomstick style vacuum envisioned by Spangler was sold to William Hoover. It can be said that this was the first practical vacuum cleaner.

Today, you’re faced with hundreds of options, and when deciding which vacuum cleaner, you now need to consider whether the cordless is a better option than the corded vacuum.

Alongside this, there’s an impressive array of options to choose from. Discover the best Hoover’s cordless vacuum cleaners with their features for the best results at home.

How the vacuum cleaner works

When looking for a vacuum cleaner you need something that will make your life easier while you clean the hidden corners of the house. But, before you can dive into the advantages & disadvantages of corded vs. cordless vacuum cleaners you need to gain an understanding of how does a vacuum cleaner works.

In essence, an electric motor is used to spin a fan. This moves the air, creating suction that pulls air in from outside the vacuum. Small particles are brought in with the air, removing them from your home. The more powerful the suction the bigger the particles and the more effective the vacuum cleaner can be.

The key to this working is an exhaust, allowing the air that is brought into the vacuum to escape. Of course, dirt is removed in the process. The heaviest small particles settle into the bag or container, finer ones are caught by a filter before the air is released.

It’s worth noting that the smaller the pipe the more powerful the suction can be. Of course, the size and power of the motor play an important part.

Advantages & disadvantages of corded & cordless vacuum cleaners

Now you know how the vacuum cleaner works, it’s time to see which is better, the corded or cordless vacuum cleaner.

Corded vacuum cleaners

Corded vacuum cleaners never run out of power, making them the better option if you have a larger home. Of course, you will have the inconvenience of a cord trailing around after you and you may need to relocate the plug several times across your home.

It should be noted that cordless vacuum cleaners also have larger storage containers. That means less frequent emptying and less dust exposure when emptying. This is particularly relevant if you suffer from allergies.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

The most obvious advantage of a cordless vacuum is the convenience. You don’t need to plugin, just carry the surprisingly light vacuum across the house and vacuum as necessary. Of course, they do have a limited battery life. Some of them run for just 7 minutes but the best cordless vacuum cleaner can last as long as 40 minutes. The key is to choose one with a high-voltage lithium battery.

Cordless vacuums generally have a turbo option that increases the power of the vacuum but decreases the battery time.

You should also note that cordless vacuum cleaners are very light. This makes them perfect for small jobs and for those that feel the strain after pushing a corded vacuum cleaner around for half-an-hour.

Modern cordless vacuum cleaners can offer as much suction as corded varieties. Again, you need to choose a high-power lithium battery.

The final vacuum: which vacuum cleaner to choose?

The decision regarding which vacuum cleaner to buy remains a personal one. That’s why there are so many debates regarding what is the best cordless vacuum cleaner or whether the corded is better.

The bottom line will depend on what size home you have, whether you have allergies, and if you have children or pets.

In most cases, the corded vacuum remains the preferred choice for heavy-duty cleaning. If you have lots of carpets, kids, and pets, a corded option will be beneficial. It will also be useful for the spring cleaning session.

Smaller homes with less intensive cleaner needs will be satisfied with the best cordless vacuum cleaners.

However, the real answer to which vacuum cleaner for most people, is both. The cordless excels when you have light cleaning or spills to clean up. You should note, it’s highly likely that, as technology improves, the cordless vacuum cleaner is all you’ll need. But, for now, having one of each gives you the best of both worlds. 

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