The washing machine makes noise, why?


The problem of the washing machine that makes noise could be quite common: let's try to understand why this phenomenon occurs and what to do.

There can be several reasons why your washing machine is noisy, whether it’s a high-pitched squeal during use, or a clicking sound. It’s better to get to the route of the problem sooner rather than later. As with all electrical appliances in the home, washing machines can encounter problems, especially older models that have been on the go for a decade or more. Unusual washing machine noises like banging, tapping or high-pitched spinning can suggest an internal problem with the machine that may be complex to fix. Opting for a popular, high quality brand will ensure your new appliance is well-built, durable and sturdy. In addition, it is easier to find replacement parts for washing machines developed by well known brands like Hoover. If you are wondering why is my washing machine noisy? - there are a few different reasons why this may be occurring. We have listed some of the most common causes below along with suggested solutions.

It is best not to ignore odd noises from a washing machine. The earlier these issues are dealt with, the easier they are to fix and the lower the potential for long-term damage. Noises such as banging, knocking, scratching or tapping, especially during a spin cycle, are not normal and need attention. It may be a simple issue such as a trapped coin or could be something more serious such as a loose drum that requires a replacement part for example. This can be the case, in particular, with older washing machines. The longer you wait to repair this type of issue, they worse it may get.
When purchasing a new washing machine, it’s wise to invest in a reliable model from a well-established brand. Browse the best Hoover washing machines and find a durable, high quality model that suits your needs and budget. These appliances range in terms of size, price and features. Be sure to choose one that will be large enough for your household and offers useful features such as a rapid spin cycle, short wash options and a start time delay option.

Reasons for a noisy washing machine

There are many reasons why a washing machine may be making a strange noise. Some are relatively easy to fix while others may require a technician or expert to repair. The main answer for your question, “why is my washing machine noisy” might include an unbalanced load in a spin cycle, loose drum bearings, a blocked filter or a trapped item such as a coin. Before checking the cause of a noisy washing machine, make sure that the unit is switched off, unplugged and that there is no laundry inside.

Loose Drum Bearings

A common reason for a light tapping or scraping noise is a bra wire that may be caught in the drum. Coins can also cause a tapping sound. These items tend to get caught in the door seal so always check the rubber component around the door and thoroughly clean the machine. A louder knocking noise that is heard as the drum turns, may be due to a loose drum.

Issue with Pump or Filter

In some instances, the drum bearings need to be replaced. If your washing machine makes a loud rumbling or repetitive banging sound, which is particularly bad on a spin cycle, then it is most likely due to loose or worn out drum bearings. It is best to consult an expert on this particular issue, rather than attempt a DIY fix.

Light Tapping Sound

If the noise can only be heard while the machine is draining water, then it may be due to something stuck in the pump. Check the pump filter and pump for small items like hair clips or coins that may have become wedged there. This is a relatively easy issue to fix. It is also highly recommended that you clean the filter regularly to ensure your washing machine continues to perform optimally. Ideally this should be cleaned at least a few times per year.

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