5 steps to improve your work-life balance


We all deserve to have time off and get away from the daily stresses of work life. Here are a few tips to help you boost your wellbeing and allow for time to spend on hobbies, interests and enjoying family time at home.

Step away from your emails

The struggle of switching off and disconnecting ourselves from our work life after hours can be hard, but recent studies have found that checking emails once we have left for the day can be damaging to our mental health. This study along with many others has found that 40% of us check our emails outside office hours. Allow yourself to leave work at work and respond to emails when you are next in the office – this will allow you to spend more at home or doing an enjoyable hobby.

Make time for yourself

Whilst you may love your job, which is an important part of fulfilment in life, it shouldn’t consume every second! From outdoor activities and sport to reading or cooking, it’s essential to take part in hobbies to wind down. Cooking can be fantastic way to relax, as well as promoting a more positive relationship with food. Why not set aside some time for yourself to make a delicious meal using Hoovers Vision Oven? To help you with recipe inspiration and cooking techniques, our stylish, innovative Vision oven is the perfect kitchen companion.

Understand there is no ‘perfect’ work-life balance

Even though you might think someone has a perfect balance, it’s likely to be carefully, realistically managed. The best thing to do is to strive for a sensible schedule and not a ‘perfect’ schedule. Some days this may mean working a little more than others, while on other days you might have more time to relax on the sofa with loved ones or pursue your hobbies. Cramming in a trip to the gym might simply be a step too far on certain busy days – don’t beat yourself up.

Stop procrastinating

There are always going to be certain tasks in your work life and home life which are challenging, mundane or that you just can’t face doing. However, as soon as these tasks are completed you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief rather than letting the tension build up. Our new AXI washing machines are fantastic for providing useful tips and hints for stain removal and can be controlled using voice activation via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so that ever-growing pile of washing can be easily tackled.


Why do we always make things so complicated? If one way works for you then don’t change it! Sometimes the extra work we set ourselves is unnecessary. 

This is where the Vision Oven can help by allowing you to check on your food whilst putting your feet up, using the built in HD camera to check on its progress. Embrace the simpler ways of life and cooking!

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