Zen-style bathroom


Do you dream of an elegant modern bathroom where you can recharge your energy in a warm oriental atmosphere? Then Zen style is just right for you! Decorating it in this style is much simpler than you might think: a few small touches and a careful choice of furnishings is all it takes to achieve your goal.

Firstly, the choice of colours is crucially important, since they are the first step to creating a soothing, relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to its purity and simplicity, white is undoubtedly the most popular tone. It can be combined with colours that recall the beauty of nature, such as green, brown and warm shades of wood.

The sophisticated and dynamic design that characterizes this type of bathroom favours the use of wood or materials capable of recording the passage of time, as well as the inclusion of soft lights and various kinds of plants or flowers. The minimalist furniture features clean, streamlined designs and in this case it is enhanced by small aesthetic details that recreate unique atmospheres, such as water and light effects.

The final touch is provided by sophisticated furnishing accessories such as bamboo canes, aromatic candles, decorative stones, etc.

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