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Hoover, that’s who.


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Our cordless Discovery vacuum cleaner delivers outstanding dust separation from the filter through HSpin-Core technology, reducing loss of performance. A turbo boost setting gives you even more suction power, while emptying its one-touch bin is as easy as, well, filling it.



Use as a handheld for cleaning inside your car or for upholstery, or vacuum floors throughout your home with the pole and wide nozzle attached. Whenever you need to reach upwards to clean ceilings and high surfaces, simply attach one of the tools to the end of the pole. 


HSpin-Core technology

A dedicated electrical motor drives the separation unit inside the dust chamber to spin at high speed, generating an additional air flow that vigorously pushes debris and hair to the bottom of the bin. This extraordinary dust separation efficiency makes it extremely easy to clean the bin. It’s also quick and hygienic to dispose of the dust, with our convenient one touch bin release system.



If you have a tough cleaning task to tackle, the Turbo Boost mode allows you to instantly increase your suction power with the push of a button. On the control panel you will also find the button to activate Carpet mode, with on/off rotating brush bar, and a 4-stage LED battery level indicator.  



With its on / off motorised brush bar, Discovery is suitable for carpets and hard floors. In Carpet mode, the brush bar rotates and agitate carpet fibres, so you easily lift out dirt and debris. When the brush bar is switched off, you can clean your delicate surfaces such as wooden floors and leave them scratch free.


Ultra manoeuvrable

Discovery has been designed with a pivoting floor nozzle that allows you to navigate around your home with ease. The low profile foot can reach to clean underneath sofas and other furniture, with LED lights to illuminate dark areas. 


Wall mount & tools included

Included with Discovery DS22G and DS22PTG are a crevice tool and a 2-in-1 dusting brush / upholstery nozzle.  All tools can be used either on the handheld, or on the end of the long reach pole. Your tools and the cleaner can be stored on the handy wall mount when not in use.


Pets turbo brush*

This motorised mini turbo brush has been designed to loosen and lift stubborn hair from carpets and furniture. The rotating bristles penetrate deeply into fibres so you get an intensive deep clean, leaving your home hair free.

*Available only for model DS22PTG

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