Discover the wide range of hoover multi-cleaning system

Hoover introduces the H-FREE cordless vacuum cleaner range. Powerful but light, these models give you the freedom to clean all kind of floors and surfaces throughout the home. Thanks to innovative nozzles, all the models ensure high maneuverability that makes even the tightest spaces easy to reach. Always handy and ready for either quick or deeper cleaning, the H-FREE range offers you outstanding results on dust and great pick-up of large debris particles.



Outstanding performance

H-FREE range is the perfect ally for all your cleaning requirements even in the tightest corners in the home and in the car. A new cleaning experience designed to respond to the specific needs. Dust, debris, large dirt particles and pet hair are easily and efficiently removed with a few agile movements.


Long autonomy

Thanks to the high-performance lithium battery, H-FREE sticks allow you to clean your whole house without annoying interruptions or delay. In addition, you can charge the battery directly on the product or remove it without having to store the entire cleaner near a socket.


Continuous mode

Discover useful continuous suction mode: simply lock the lever in place to activate continuous suction mode and clean easily with a single touch, without having to press the “on-off” button all the time.


Flexible cleaning

All floors, above floors, hard-to-reach spaces and dark corners. Experience the flexible cleaning of H-FREE range thanks to a complete set of accessories and tools on board. Discover the unlimited way of cleaning designed to take care of your home.




H-FREE 800 Connected power

H-FREE 800 is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity to get top cleaning performance. It is upgraded with the latest technologies, and can even be managed using the Hoover Wizard App to get a total care of your home. Thanks to H-Lab Brushless motor, H-FREE 800 guarantees constant hyper powerful performance over time. Together with HSpin-Core+ Technology, H-FREE 800 achieves an extraordinary dust separation efficiency with no loss of suction. With its high-performance and the ultra-light lithium battery, you will be able to clean the whole house uninterrupted for up to 35 minutes.


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H-FREE 700 Powerful care

A cordless stick multifunctional, ergonomic and technologically advanced for an outstanding experience start-to-finish. H-FREE 700 is equipped with Hspin-Core Technology, an extraordinary dust separation system that efficiently divides the large debris from the smallest ones, for outstanding cleaning results and reduces filters maintenance. Moreover, H-FREE 700 has a complete set of tools, designed to take care of your home and car. You will be able to clean the whole house uninterrupted for up to 35 minutes: the lithium battery status is always visible and easy to check on the 4-LED display.


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H-FREE 500 Compact Wi-Fi performance

H-FREE 500 is the lightest and most compact cordless stick of Hoover’s range, with corded performance*. It fits every room: 69 cm of compactness for a comfortable and easy storage, wherever you want. Also equipped with connectivity, for the complete care of your home. Get optimum long-lasting performance (up to 40 minutes’ autonomy), thanks to the ultra-advanced H-Lab lithium battery and check the battery status with the LED monitoring system.


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H-FREE 200 Agility meets corded performance*

H-FREE 200 guarantees extreme agility coupled with the performance of a corded vacuum. Light and agile, it can reach the tightest spaces and clean floors and above-floor areas throughout your home. At the same time, H-FREE 200 delivers long-lasting performance thanks to the H-Lab lithium battery with up to 40 minutes of run time.


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H-FREE 100 XL capacity, functional cleaning

H-FREE 100, the cordless stick that guarantees effortless cleaning. It combines the convenience of no cable constraints with large capacity and ready-to-use tools on board. H-FREE 100 has a long run time of up to 40 minutes with no cable constraints.


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*Performance based on internal tests of dust pick up on hard floor, hard floor with crevice and carpet, measured according to EN 60312-1 and attaining the dust pick up limits of Regulation (EU) No 666/2013.