The healthiest way to cook a full menu

The steam assisted oven designed to give you professional results for healthier and tastiest food.


Hoover introduces a new cooking solution: H-OVEN 700 STEAM, the oven designed to give you excellent cooking results for healthier and tastier dishes. H-OVEN 700 STEAM is 2in1, both traditional and steam assisted oven: a combination of clever solutions to get any dish at its best. On the basis of your experience, you can choose between 3 different cooking modes: manual, assisted and automatic to prepare a delicious complete menu.



Give a personal touch to your dishes: add a bump of steam at any time during the cooking cycle and get healthier meals.



Select the food category, adjust time, and the oven will set automatically the proper amount of steam and the right cooking function.



Get 20 dedicated and steam-focused recipes. Select the desired one via App, and H-OVEN 700 STEAM will set automatically to cook them at its best.


H-OVEN 700 STEAM is fully connected with easy access to countless and useful functions to cook at the best:

- find more than 150 step-by-step traditional cooking recipes via App

- get 20 healthy recipes focused on steam cooking and studied by expert chefs

- create and save your own library of recipe


No loss of nutritional values

No loss of nutritional values

Thanks to steam conduction that avoids direct exposure to heat source, H-OVEN 700 STEAM delivers faster cooking and no loss of vitamins. Moreover, get a better preservation of nutrients and improve digestibility.

More comfort at your side

More comfort at your side

At the end of cooking, the water will be collected back into the dedicated drawer easy to remove, fill up and empty. No need to dry the cavity manually after cooking and no bacteria generation risks.

Intuitive management

Intuitive management

Textual user-interface for an easier and more comfortable experience with your oven.