Vacuum and steam in one-go

Discover the multi-purpose vacuum and steam cleaner for all surfaces that cleans and sanitizes in one go.

H-PURE 700 STEAM is the new 2-in-1 vacuum and steam cleaner that allows vacuuming, steaming or both at the same time,
guaranteeing a complete sanitized environment.



100% Natural Hygiene

Steam cleaning is the most natural way to guarantee a safe and hygienic home environment without using chemical detergents. By removing 99,9%* of germs and bacteria, H-PURE 700 STEAM is the best ally against any kind of allergens. Steam is ready to be used in just 30 seconds: simply activate it with the trigger on the handle and adjust it to suit your needs.

  • LOW for delicate surfaces;
  • MEDIUM for tiles and vinyl;
  • HIGH for marble and stone.

3 in 1 Action

With its 3-in-1 cleaning action, H-PURE 700 STEAM allows vacuuming, steaming or both at the same time. By removing even the most stubborn dirt, the steam function guarantees excellent cleaning and sanitizing performance on hard floors and carpets throughout the whole house. Equipped with 3-layers filtration H-PURE 700 STEAM is able to trap fine dust and debris, ensuring clean exhaust air back into your house.


From floor to ceiling

Attach the practical 4-metre long extension hose plus a rigid extension tube to the vacuum cleaner back to reach even the highest surfaces. This 3-in-1 accessory is ideal for periodic cleaning of bookshelves or high furniture.


Use the detachable handheld steamer for spotless cleaning results on mirrors, windows, tiles, shutters, and sofas.

Adjust steam emission to fit any need: LOW for delicate surfaces or fabrics. HIGH to remove grease and grime.