Handheld vacuum cleaners

Jovis Plus

SM156WDP4A 001

Product code 39300242
Battery type NiMH
Time to recharge (hrs) 16


Voltage (V) Voltage (V) 15.6
Run time (min) Run time (min) 17
Dry capacity Dry capacity 0.3
Filtration system Filtration system Microfilter

Jovis Plus

Jovis Plus is a powerful range of cordless, corded and car handheld vacuum cleaners. Jovis Plus models have long runtimes, handy tools, the option of LED battery level indicators and some models can pick up spills as well as dry debris. They are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. All models come with a crevice tool stored on board and either a dusting brush or squeegee. The dry models come with a hygienic dust disposal bin which is particularly good for allergy sufferers, as there is zero contact with the dust. Our top of the range Jovis Plus cordless uses lithium ion batteries, which mean faster charging times, longer runtimes, consistent cleaning performance and it’s lighter in weight. Our corded option comes with a 6 metre cord for long reach perfect for stairs.

Wet & dry

Wet & dry handheld vacuums are versatile and really useful to have around the home, particularly in the kitchen as you quickly suck up small spills as well any dirt and debris.

Accessories on board

Accessories on board

Accessories stored on board for your convenience.

Battery status indicator

The LED battery status indicator panel shows you when it’s time to recharge, so there’s less risk of having your cleaning unexpectedly interrupted due to a loss of power.


A convenient alternative to using your corded vacuum for a quick tidy up, cordless handhelds are lightweight and portable allowing you to clean anywhere. The voltage of a handheld is a measure of the battery power.

Washable filters

The filter can be easily removed from the vacuum for you to clean. Rinse it under the tap and wipe to remove all dust. Ensure that the filter is thoroughly dry before re-inserting it. Cleaning the filters regularly helps maintain high levels of suction power for longer.

Details sheet

Product name / Commercial code SM156WDP4A 001
Product code 39300242
EAN Code 8016361933828
Colour White/Blue
Voltage (V) 15.6
Run time (min) 17
Filtration system Microfilter
Wet capacity 0.3
Dry capacity 0.3
Battery type NiMH
Time to recharge (hrs) 16
Front rubber roller Yes
Ergonomic handle Yes
Charger type Cord & plug
Wall support Yes
Accessories Crevice tool and squeege tool
Crevice tool Yes
Squeegee Yes
Product height (mm) 230
Width of the product (mm) 167
Product depth (mm) 400
Product net weight - cleaner only [kg] 1.44