IFA 2018

Berlin, 31 August - 5 September

Hoover reveals the future at IFA 2018



Once again, Hoover has chosen Berlin to showcase its unique, tailor-made solutions marked by innovative features and sophisticated designs. In Hoover’s world, tomorrow's home is as a place where every appliance is interconnected via the Hoover Wizard app and Direct Voice: two innovative tools that interact with the consumer, providing quick, individualised advice. In this regard, the Bespoke Care area of the Hoover stand launched an absolute industry first: visitors were directed to the products best suited to their needs based on the information acquired by a facial recognition software. Other areas of the stand worthy of note included the Hoover Premium Collection, featuring Hoover's most representative products, characterized by an appealing design, excellent features and a minimalist style, and the Small Domestic Appliances area, with its wide range of cordless vacuuming products, including the new, ultra-powerful and super-accessorised Rhapsody Power stick vacuum and the innovative H-Free cordless stick vacuum, which is easily to manoeuvre and offers the excellent performance levels of a corded vacuum cleaner.


The facial recognition software of the Bespoke Care area.


Rhapsody Power in the new version presented at IFA 2018.


Hoover’s Kitchen of the future at IFA 2018.


Hoover AXI, the washing machine that has revolutionised washing

Hoover’s hero product at IFA 2018, the new AXI was presented to the public as the washing machine of the future, stepping up the role of artificial intelligence in everyday lives to meet the needs of the most demanding and discerning consumers. AXI’s greatest innovation consists in its cutting-edge TED system that detects fabrics and levels of dirt, and suggests the most appropriate washing program. But that’s not all: through the Hoover Wizard App and Direct Voice, AXI is always on hand with specific tips on how to wash your clothes. In particular, Direct Voice allows users to operate the machine with the greatest of ease simply by using their voice. AXI’s technological innovations are flanked by a 14 kg load capacity, the greatest on the market, ensuring increased performance due to the ultra efficient interaction of mechanics, water and detergent in a roomier environment. Finally, AXI ranks among the highest classes in terms of energy savings and noise levels: energy class A+++ - 80% guarantees best results with lower energy consumption.



Hoover Vision 2.0: the forward-looking oven

The star of IFA 2018 and of the Kitchen of the future was undoubtedly the Vision 2.0 oven, the central hub of the kitchen of the future, equipped with an LCD screen and offering all the features of a smart oven - connectivity and an internal camera - along with the ability to receive and process information provided by other household appliances.


Hoover AXI: cool technology, in a refrigerator

The prestigious IFA 2018 also offered the opportunity to showcase the AXI refrigerator with Always Fresh technology - the first smart appliance in its category. Featuring the Always Fresh cold food preservation system, tested by the Department of Food Science at the University of Milan, AXI keeps your food as fresh and flavoursome as when you just bought it.    


KeepHeat, the first oven that also preserves your food

The KeepHeat oven, the first and only one of its kind designed to cook and heat preserve food, revealed its exceptional performance at IFA 2018: through its special low-temperature cooking technology, Keepheat cooks dishes to perfection and preserves their nutritional properties, ensuring optimal preservation both during and after cooking.


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