Hoover Wizard

Improve your washing experience with the renewed Hoover Wizard App.

Hoover presents the new version of the Wizard App: a new and improved look and a world of upgraded features to help you get the most out of your laundry experience.


Working on all operating systems

Thanks to NFC technology, your One Touch washing machine can communicate with your smartphone, allowing you to manage your laundry directly from it. From now on all this is also fully available for the iOS operating system. You will only have to download or update the Wizard App on the App Store, Google Play or Huawei App Gallery, and pair it with your appliance in a few steps.


New intuitive interface

The improved graphics and layout will make your experience of use flawless: easily access washing, maintenance, help and extra functions sections in a scroll, get explanations on the App functions and find everything you need with the new intuitive icons.

A world of new clever features

Access new helpful features designed to maximize efficiency and results while taking care of your laundry.

Improve your washing experience


Guided washing

Need help in choosing the right program? Insert your laundry fabric, color, dirty level and type of stain and the App’s guided washing will suggest you the best program and setting to get perfect washing results.


Stain tips

No more stains on your clothes: the Hoover Wizard App provides useful tips on how to treat more than 35 different stains while ensuring maximum care for any type of garment, colour and fabric.


Labels guide

No more washing mistakes. The App’s Labels Guide will explain the meaning of all symbols on the labels, suggesting the most appropriate treatment, and giving you useful tips on drying, ironing and dry cleaning.


Additional special programs

Access a list of additional special programs and choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. The App will suggest you the best settings and give you useful detergent tips. In order to launch the chosen program, you will only need to place your smartphone close to the One Touch logo on your appliance.

Improve your washing routine


Washing reminders

Create your washing reminder by selecting the garments you are planning to wash and set your alarm notice whenever you need.


Usage statistics

Improve your habits and optimize efficiency while saving. Place your smartphone close to the One Touch logo and get a clear report on your appliance usage through the App. You will enjoy a more organized washing routine.

Improve your washing maintenance


Programmed maintenance

Preserve your washing machine’s health for longer with no effort. The App will send you notifications for the filter cleaning, the descaling cycle, and will provide step-by-step support to keep performance at best.


Troubleshooting and support

Have a problem with your washing machine? Consult the Error Guide or get step by step customer support to solve your problem.

Update or download the hoover wizard app.

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