Steam, hygiene and protection for your home

Check out the steam-based products of the STEAM CAPSULE range, the most natural way of offering high standards of hygiene.

STEAM CAPSULE is Hoover’s line of products conceived to clean your home in a 100% natural manner, ensuring you can enjoy a healthy, safe home without the use of chemical detergents. Through its intensity and heat, steam is effective against any type of dirt on floors. The STEAM CAPSULE products use nothing but water with a powerful cleansing and disinfecting action. Moreover, steam leaves no toxic residue and is particularly effective at removing germs and bacteria.



STEAM CAPSULE 2IN1 offers a steam stick and an extractable steam gun in one, as well as a complete set of special accessories that make the product versatile, multi-purpose, easy to use and suitable for every in-depth cleaning need. It can be used throughout the home and is also extremely useful to disinfect surfaces such as mirrors, windows, tiles, shutters, sofas, and much more besides.

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With STEAM CAPSULE, you can clean your floors in depth and without effort due to the power of steam at 1700 W. You can set the steam temperature required using the appliance’s electronic controls: low for delicate surfaces such as parquet flooring, medium for tiles and vinyl, and high for marble and stone flooring. A 50 minute steam capacity and a 2in1 brush will allow you to clean your entire home, disinfecting every type of floor, no matter how dirty, and every hard to reach corner.

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Steam Capsule double brush

STEAM CAPSULE is ideal for cleaning up after children and animals. It comes with two brushes in one: a rectangular one to clean large surfaces and a triangular one with bristles to remove stubborn dirt from hard to reach corners. The steam is ready to use in just 30 seconds and allows you to disinfect your entire home with a 25 minute steam capacity.

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STEAM CAPSULE can be used on all surfaces, including laminate and wooden flooring (provided the latter is fully sealed). The high capacity of the appliance’s tank allows you to clean your entire home without worrying about topping the tank up.

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