Steam handhelds


SGE1000 001

Product code 39600210
Max operation time (mins) 0.02
Steam pressure (bar) 4


Power (W) Power (W) 1000
Water tank capacity [L] Water tank capacity [L] 0.37
Steaming time (min) Steaming time (min) 20
Cord length (m) Cord length (m) 5


STEAMJET HANDY is a really powerful multipurpose steam handheld that uses high-pressure steam to sanitise and refresh all kind of surfaces, from textiles to tiles, without using any chemicals. It provides a double steam care thanks to its flexibility to generate both Dry and Wet steam in order to tackle all the cleaning tasks in your home. STEAMJET HANDY offers a complete range of accessories, all really handy for dealing with those difficult tasks.

Multiple Accessories

STEAMJET HANDY features a complete set of accessories to suit every cleaning need around your home. Great for multiple use in bathroom, kitchen, living room, floor and car.

Powerful Hot Steam

STEAMJET HANDY emits pressurised powerful hot steam, up to 4 bar, for up to 20 minutes. You can quickly and easily remove any grease, mould, grout or stains.

Double Steam Care

STEAMJET HANDY offers the flexibility to choose between wet and dry steam according to your need. Dry steam is recommended for sanitising and refreshing textiles and garments without making them wet. Wet steam is perfect for deep cleaning tasks removing grease and grime from any surface and easily tackles stubborn spots around the home from oven grills, tile grout to bathroom taps and showerheads.

Versatile Cleaning Solution

STEAMJET HANDY features 2 different conical pipes. The Deep Cleaning Conical Pipe allows to have a more powerful and concentrated steam (40g/min in wet mode and 25g/min in dry mode). It is advised for deep cleaning, especially on heavily soiled areas such as showers and kitchens. The Refresh Conical Pipe allows you to have a longer steaming time. It is advised for delicate surfaces and for longer cleaning sessions (15min in dry mode and 20min in wet mode).

Details sheet

Product name / Commercial code SGE1000 001
Product code 39600210
EAN Code 8016361982796
Colour Light Grey
Power (W) 1000
Steaming time (min) 20
Max operation time (mins) 0.02
Cord length (m) 5
Steam ready light Yes
Water tank capacity [L] 0.37
Dust tank capacity [L] 0.37
Steam pressure (bar) 4
Steam emission (g/min) 0
Cord storage Yes
Product height (mm) 236
Product depth (mm) 125
Width of the product (mm) 258
Product net weight - cleaner only [kg] 1.74