Steam uprights


S2IN1300CA 001

Product code 39600184
Max operation time (mins) 30


Water tank capacity [L] Water tank capacity [L] 0.33
Steaming time (min) Steaming time (min) 15
Cord length (m) Cord length (m) 5
SteamJet (Pro, Compact, Smart)


SteamJet is an extremely powerful range of high-pressure steam cleaners designed to naturally and easily remove stubborn dirt, grease and bacteria found around the home. The range has large water tank capacities, lime-scale filters, fast heat-up times and is light and easy to use. SteamJet comes in a range of versatile models including highly manoeuverable uprights as well as all-purpose cylinders and spot-cleaning handhelds, all designed with a number of innovative and handy features. As they don’t need detergent, they are also great value for money and extra kind to the environment too.

Variable steam

Allows you to adjust the intensity of the steam to meet your garments needs.

Steam ready light

The steam ready light is a handy LED light that shows you when the cleaner has reached the optimum temperature and is ready for use.

Multifunctional 2in1

Multifunctional 2in1 steam mops have dual functionality to help you tackle the various steam cleaning jobs around your home. 2in1 mops easily convert into a handheld steam gun which can be great for intense steam cleaning for limescale, taps, shower trays, oven grills and much, much more.

Kills 99% of germs / chemical free

Very hygienic and environmentally friendly, this steam cleaner will kill up to 99%*of bacteria* without the use of chemicals. The high temperature of the steam is perfect for sanitising surfaces, leaving no toxic residues and effectively lifts stubborn grease and grime. *Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella Enteritidis, Candida Albicans, Aspergillus Niger

Details sheet

Product name / Commercial code S2IN1300CA 001
Product code 39600184
EAN Code 8016361914308
Colour Grey / White
Integrated handheld Yes
Fast heat up time Yes
Steaming time (min) 15
Max operation time (mins) 30
Cord length (m) 5
Steam ready light Yes
Water tank capacity [L] 0.33
Steam emission (g/min) 30
Mop included 2
Product height (mm) 104
Product net weight - cleaner only [kg] 3.3