Vogue collection

Vogue collection

Technology and minimalist design merge in a line of appliances with delicate shapes, in which the lightness of high quality glass meets the solidity of steel, to create an elegant look with sophisticated traits. The advanced cooking technology offers you the perfect recipe for the best performance in the kitchen.

Tasty recipes to try

   Hoover has teamed up with Chef Simon Rimmer to give you idea and inspiration to help you cook the way you live.

Cauliflower Kebabs

Chicken Kiev

If you’re in search of a simple yet hearty meal this winter, Simon’s chicken Kiev is a must-try. This delicious protein and vitamin-filled dinner is perfect for families looking for a classic favourite.


Cuban Spiced Butternut Squash with Rice

If you’re looking for something healthy with a warming kick, Simon’s Cuban Spiced Butternut Squash with rice is the dish for you. Packed with delicious flavours and nutritious ingredients, this simple meat-free recipe will go down a treat with the entire family.


Baked Macaroni Ragu

Simon’s savoury winter warmer is perfect for an everyday meal. As a simple, quick recipe, this homemade pasta is ideal for a relaxing dinner after busy family days. Topped with three delicious cheeses, this mouth-watering dish will soon be a new favourite.

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Winter Seasonal Picks

Eating for the season not only means the ingredients will taste better but it is more sustainable, helping to reduce the need for transportation and decreasing carbon emissions - read on for Simon’s top winter picks.