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Energy and water efficient washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers

Whether you want to reduce your energy bills, help protect the environment or both, energy and water efficient machines from Hoover are a wise-buy. All of our energy and water efficient machines feature the latest technology, so you can be sure that as well as getting lower energy and water consumption, you're getting the best all-round performance.

Carbon Footprint

Why is energy and water
efficiency important?

Energy and water efficiency is important because with rising utility costs, an energy efficient machine can not only reduce your energy bills, but save as many as 3,000 litres of water a year. It's also good to know that Hoover's energy and water efficient machines help reduce and limit your carbon footprint, which is better for the environment.

Now A energy


All washing machines and washer dryers are rated A-G in the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Wash performance
  • Spin drying performance

Tumble dryers are graded A-G on energy efficiency only.

A-rating indicates the best energy efficiency while ‘G’ indicates extremely poor energy efficiency. The ‘A’ rating can also be further broken down, with superior energy efficient washing machines receiving an ‘AAA’ rating – that's A for energy efficiency, A for wash performance and A for spin drying performance.

Energy Saving Recommended

Energy Saving Trust Recommended

If you'd like to buy an energy and water efficient washing machine, you can also look for washing machines recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

Washing machines that carry this logo meet the Trust's strict criteria on energy efficiency and are AAA-rated.

Nearly all of Hoover's washing machines are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and are AAA-rated and some Hoover machines achieve an outstanding A+++ for energy efficency.

Condenser Tumble Dryer

Energy and water saving tips

  • Buy an energy and water efficient washing machine recommended by the Energy Saving Trust – a guarantee that you'll save energy.
  • Wash at 30°C instead of 40°C and you'll use up to 40% less energy.
  • Wash/dry a full load so you limit the number of cycles you do.
  • Buy a washing machine with auto load control, which will automatically adjust the water and electricity consumption according to the weight of the load. All Hoover washing machines feature auto load control referred to as KG mode.
  • When the weather is good, hang your clothes outside to dry.
  • If you tumble dry your clothes, use a washing machine which is A-rated for spin performance, such as Hoover's Dynamic range. The faster the spin the better because every 200 rpm increase in spin speed will reduce drying time by 10 minutes. This in turn will reduce energy consumption and even half tumble drying costs in comparison to a G-rated machine.
  • If you can match the load capacity of your tumble dryer to the load capacity of your washing machine you won't have to dry one load of washing in two loads.

Some of our Washing Machines

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Wizard Wi-Fi - DWT L413AIW3
Wizard Wi-Fi
Product code DWT L413AIW3
Wizard Wi-Fi - DWT SS134AIB3
Wizard Wi-Fi
Product code DWT SS134AIB3
Wizard Wi-Fi - DWT SS134AIW3
Wizard Wi-Fi
Product code DWT SS134AIW3

Some of our Tumble Dryers

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Dynamic Mega - DMH D1013A2
Dynamic Mega
Product code DMH D1013A2
Dynamic  - DYH 9913NA1X
Product code DYH 9913NA1X
Dynamic - DNH D813A2
Product code DNH D813A2

Some of our Washer Dryers

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Dynamic Next Luxury - WDMT4138AI2
Dynamic Next Luxury
Product code WDMT4138AI2
Dynamic Next Classic - WDXC E51062
Dynamic Next Classic
Product code WDXC E51062
Dynamic Next Luxury - WDXT 4106A2
Dynamic Next Luxury
Product code WDXT 4106A2
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