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Tumble dryer buying guide

With so many tumble dryers in the UK to choose from, it can be difficult to know what type would be best. Naturally however you'll want to choose the best tumble dryer for your needs so to help you decide, this guide explains the five main things to consider when looking for the best tumble dryer for you:

1 - Condenser dryers versus vented tumble dryers

Condenser dryers versus vented tumble dryers

Condenser dryers versus vented tumble dryers

Condenser dryers are the most popular choice because extracted water vapour is collected in an internal reservoir, so you can position them pretty much anywhere in your home. Vented tumble dryers in contrast need to be close to either a window or an external wall because the water vapour is extracted out through a hose or vent. There's no difference in the performance between these tumble dryers, it's just a matter of whether you have the facilities to accommodate a vented tumble dryer.

2 - Floor or door-level water reservoir

Floor or door-level water reservoir

Water reservoir

On some condenser tumble dryers the water reservoir is floor-level, which can cause problems if you find bending, kneeling or lifting difficult. If that's the case, you may want to opt for a tumble dryer with a door-level reservoir, such as Hoover's AquaVision.

AquaVision features a unique and patented water reservoir that sits inside the door for convenience. Because the AquaVision reservoir is door-level, it makes removing, carrying and emptying residual water ultra quick and easy. With AquaVision you can also easily see when the reservoir is full, so you'll be able to prevent any interruptions to the drying cycle.

3 - Tumble dryer size

Tumble dryer size

Tumble Dryer

Like washing machines, tumble dryers vary in their sizes and capacities. It's worth bearing in mind that a larger drum size will not only enable you to dry more clothes but do it less frequently and so save money.

If you'd like an extra large tumble dryer, Hoover's Dynamic 9kg tumble dryer will be enough to dry two smaller loads of washing in one go – or one very large load. When choosing your tumble dryer it's worth considering how big your washing machine capacity is. If it's bigger than the tumble dryer's capacity, you won't be able to dry an entire load of washing in one go.

4 - Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Energy Saving Recommended

Tumble drying your clothes uses more energy than washing so many tumble dryers are C-rated for energy efficiency. If you'd like a best rated tumble dryer that's guaranteed to save energy, look for one that's A or B-rated, and even better, recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. For more information take a look at the energy efficiency guide.

5 - Timer settings

Timer settings

Timer settings

Timer settings on tumble dryers range from 80-180 minutes. All Hoover tumble dryers come with generous timer settings because this ensures you'll be able to dry large and heavy loads without having to reset the timer.

All Hoover tumble dryers also come with a ‘sensor dry’ to automatically turn the machine off once your predetermined level of dryness has been reached. This protects your clothes from over-drying and ensures you don't waste energy.

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