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Washing machine buying guide

With so many washing machines in the UK to choose from, it can be difficult to know what type would be best. Naturally however you'll want to choose the best washing machine for your needs so to help you decide, this guide explains the five main things to consider when looking for the best washing machine for you:

1 - Small or large washing machine?

Small or large washing machine?

Dynamic 10kg lifestyle shot

If you have a big family or do lots of washing, a large 9kg or 10kg washing machine can reduce the number of loads you do, which saves time and energy. Hoover's large capacity Dynamic washing machines also don't take up that much more room than a standard washing machine because it's the drum inside that's bigger.

If you are however pushed for space, Hoover offers a range of smaller space saving slim depth washing machines with a 6kg & 7kg load capacity, which is more than 20 per cent bigger than the traditional 5kg capacity. This enables you to enjoy all the benefits of a bigger capacity but without taking up any additional room.

2 - Best rated energy and water efficient washing machines

Best rated energy and water efficient washing machines

A+ Energy Energy Saving System

The best rated energy and water efficient washing machines are fast becoming the most popular choice. Choosing one of Hoover's best rated energy and water efficient washing machines means as well as lower energy and water consumption, you'll get better performance than what you'd expect from a standard washing machine. Hoover's Dynamic 10+ Steam washing machine for example uses steam technology to give you the outstanding cleaning results you'd expect with a 60°C wash, but using water temperatures cooler than 40°C.

To determine if the washing machine is energy and water efficient, take a look at the washing machine's energy rating. A-rating indicates the best energy efficiency while ‘G’ indicates extremely poor energy efficiency. The ‘A’ rating can also be further broken down, with the best rated washing machines receiving an ‘A+++AA’ rating – that's A+++ for energy efficiency, A for wash performance and A for spin drying performance.

If you want extra reassurance when buying one of the best rated energy and water efficient washing machines in the UK, look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo. This logo means the washing machine is guaranteed to save energy.

3 - Front loader washing machines or top loader washing machines?

Front loader washing machines or top loader washing machines?

Washing machine and front loader washing machine

Front loader washing machines are the most popular choice in the UK because they are small and compact, making them suitable for being fitted into a kitchen. Hoover's best front loader washing machines have a big load capacity and are extremely energy and water efficient, making them the best choice if you want to reduce your utility bills and carbon footprint.

Top loader washing machines are less popular in the UK because their unconventional shape means they cannot be located under a worktop and usually need to be stored in a utility room or garage. Hoover's top loader washing machine is ideal however if you find bending down to load front loader washing machines difficult.

4 - Washer dryer machines

Washer dryer machines

Washer dryer machine

If you don't already own a tumble dryer or don't have room for a tumble dryer, Hoover washer dryer can be a great choice. Washer dryers save space and the initial cost of purchasing a washer dryer is less than if you were to buy a washing machine and tumble dryer separately.

Hoover's washer dryers also feature a 3D Dynamic Wash System to give you a totally redesigned drum that uses increased water pressure, curved paddles and a raised dome to move your clothes in a 3-dimensional way, ensuring they are completely clean and fresh.

5 - Spin speed

Spin speed

3D Dynamic Wash System

Spin speed is important because it determines how quickly water will be extracted from the wash and ultimately, how dry the washing machine will leave your clothes. Spin speed is measured in RPM and you'll find Hoover washing machines offer ultra fast speeds, ranging from 1200-1600 RPM.

Unless you are washing delicate fabrics, the faster the spin speed the better. Also, if you will be tumble drying your clothes, a fast spin speed is important because every increase of 200 RPM will reduce drying time by 10 minutes. The best rated energy efficient washing machines have an A-rating for spin performance.

If you regularly wash delicates, make sure you buy a washing machine with variable spin speed as a slower spin speed will protect your clothes and ensure they stay in great shape. All Hoover washing machines offer variable spin control.

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