Hoover Refrigeration Important Safety Notice -
Risk of Fire

Hoover Frost Free refrigeration appliance

This is an important Safety Notice, relative to some specific Hoover Frost Free refrigeration appliances produced between week 34 2011 and week 34 2012.

We have identified in a batch of appliances manufactured between the dates above that there is a possibility of a potential fault developing on the defrost heater element supplied to Hoover. Overheating can occur and in certain circumstances this could result in a fire.

In order to prevent this possibility we kindly request that you establish if your appliance is affected by using our appliance check below.

Please select:

Model Number Product Code Date Code

How to find your appliance information

Serial Number location:

Serial Number location

Open the door of the fridge and remove the salad crisper drawer.

Serial Number location

The appliance rating plate is located behind the salad crisper drawer.

Serial Number location

The appliance model number, product code and date code are located at the top of the label.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us on Freephone number 08081 780 516.

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