Connected wine cooler: functions and how to choose one


A wine cooler is the perfect place to store your bottles: here is how to choose one and what features you should consider

A wine cooler is an appliance that adds a touch of class to your home, and helps you store your wine bottles in the perfect way. What is the purpose of a wine cooler? What are its features and how should you choose one?

Why should I need a wine cooler?

The main purpose of a wine cooler is storing your wine bottles in the right way, to preserve their taste and aroma. Thanks to this appliance, you can keep the bottles in a horizontal position, at a constant temperature, adjust the quantity of light they receive and prevent humidity. You should monitor all these elements, for a good wine storage.

A wine cooler prevents unwelcome temperature changes in the bottles, so that the organoleptic properties of the wine can be preserved in the best way possible.

How do I choose the right wine cooler?

The best wine coolers are equipped with a special anti-UV glass filter. Thanks to this filter, the glass can reflect virtually all UV radiations, and prevent any kind of wine deterioration.

A wine cooler with wooden shelves helps prevent any vibration that may alter the content of the bottles. Vibrations are also caused by the compressor: the better its quality, the lower the level of vibration and, consequently, of noise.

Modern wine cooler, the perfect addition to a smart home, feature a central electronic control panel to adjust and choose the best programs and temperatures to store your wine. In some models, you can also choose a separate temperature for white, sparkly and red wines.

In addition, the internal LED light helps you see the content of your collection more clearly, without consuming a lot of power. The latest wine coolers are also equipped with carbon filters, to absorb odours and leave the environment contamination-free.

What are the functions of a wine cooler linked to an app?

Thanks to the hOn app, you’ll have access to the Hoover wine coolers extras. Among these, the SCAN YOUR WINE function allows you to take a picture of your bottle labels and have information on the winery, the grapes and the year of production, along with the users rating. Smart and app-connected wine coolers also allow you ton receive personal tips, based on your preferences and on your experience level (Amateur or Expert) and give you advice on how to manage your wine effectively.

And with the app, you can also explore the recommended pairings with your wine and find the perfect glass of wine for each dish. You can even become sommelier with a touch: on the hOn app, you can write down when you tasted a bottle, where and with whom.

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