How to clean blinds, all the tips to make the best of it


Top Tips for Cleaning Blinds of all Styles

Blinds can be tricky to dust and clean as they have many nooks and crannies and lots of surface area. With the right approach, and the correct tools, it can soon become an easy task. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

There are some simple dos and don'ts to follow when maintaining your blinds. Firstly, avoid using a vacuum cleaner on delicate blinds; even with the upholstery attachment, this can damage the fabric. Roman and roller blinds are the only type that can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner upholstery attachment. Also, avoid soaking blinds in the bath or putting them in the washing machine. When cleaning any fabrics or upholstery in the home, it is important to double-check the care label for guidelines on cleaning, as this varies depending on the material.

Choosing the correct cleaning method can prolong the life of your window accessories. Hoover steam products are ideal for cleaning and refreshing all types of surfaces: you can generate both dry and wet steam to tackle stubborn stains and sanitize all areas of your home.

Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds tend to collect a lot of dust and should be dusted and wiped regularly with a microfibre cloth. The more often you do this, the easier the task will be, as you won’t be dealing with built up grime and dust. When wiping with a cloth, dip it in a bowl of warm water and detergent, wring it out tightly so it is just damp, and then starting at the top of the blind, wipe each slat from left to right working downwards. Use the cloth to clean both sides of the slats with each swipe. If you have Venetian blinds that are made of wood, extra care needs to be taken. Have a look at our tips for cleaning wooden blinds below.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds have a nice, natural warmth to them and look great in living rooms and kitchens. It is best to dust wooden blinds dry, rather than using water or a damp cloth to wipe them. Simply take a soft cloth or feather duster and run it lightly across each slat working from top to bottom. Close the blinds in one direction, wipe downwards, and then flip to the opposite direction and repeat. If there are any marks or stains on a wooden blind, you can wipe it lightly with a damp cloth. Don't rub too hard, however, as this may remove any varnish or damage the wood. Cleaning vertical blinds is quick and easy task as you can give them a quick wipe from top to bottom. 

How to Clean Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are easy to clean and are a great, practical option for spaces such as kitchens and playrooms. To clean, simply roll the blind down fully and wipe downwards with a warm, damp cloth. It is not necessary​ to remove the blind and take it down. Roller blinds tend to be made of durable, strong fabric and if this is the case for yours, you can use an upholstery attachment on a vacuum cleaner to gives them a quick clean. Condensation on windows can lead to mould on roller blinds. In this case, removing mould with a damp cloth and detergent is recommended. Leave the blinds open to air dry, rather than rolling them up damp.

Cleaning Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are made of fabric that folds up into pleats and can be released down to block out the light. They may be made of cotton, silk or linen for example, and can be cleaned using the upholstery attachment of a vacuum cleaner. If your roman blinds are stained, it may be necessary​ to take them to the dry cleaners. Depending on the care label instructions, you may be able to remove light stains with a damp cloth. But this can leave a mark on certain fabrics, so it is always good to check the guidelines for your particular blinds.

Whichever blinds you choose in your house, following our simple tips on the best way to clean your blinds will help make your home a light, airy haven. Remember that cleaning blinds should be done regularly, even as often as you sweep the floors.

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