How to service your washing machine


Drum, drawer and filter: do you know how to take care of all the components in your washing machine? Here are a few useful tips!

The washing machine is an indispensable appliance in your daily routine, and  taking care of it the right way is essential to extend its performance over time and to always get clean and fragrant laundry. Taking care of your washing machine is easy; just follow a few tips to prevent the creation of mould and bacteria and limescale build-ups. Here is how to clean it properly.

How do I clean the washing machine drum?

The washing machine drum is the beating heart of this appliance, and exactly where germs and bacteria can lurk. How do I take care of it?

  • To keep it clean, your should do an empty washing cycle at 90 degrees, at least once a month. To ensure a deep cleaning and complete hygiene, you can add a sachet of 3 in 1 Care+Protect: its triple degreasing, antiscale and sanitizing action will make your appliance more efficient and long-lasting.
  • After every washing cycle, remember to remove the laundry from the washing machine right away, to prevent the formation of mould.
  • Another tip is keeping always the door a little bit open after a wash, to let the air circulate through and avoid foul odours.

How can I clean the inside and the filter of my washing machine?

Even the washing machine filter needs to be cleaned regularly: overtime, it could get clogged, due to detergent residues, and also objects you forgot in your pockets. To clean the filter, just remove the drawer on the bottom of the washing machine and unscrew it slowly (remember to place a container to collect any water that may come out), clean it, and screw it back on. To avoid the filter and the interior of your washing machine to get clogged, you can use the Care+Protect cleansing tabs: thanks to the active enzymes, they help clean filter and the inside of your washing machine deeply. They degrease, sanitize and remove any washing residues at once. 

How can I do an antiscale treatment?

One of the main causes of washing machine malfunctions are limescale build-ups that may occur both in the detergent drawer and in the internal gaskets.

To clean your washing machine drawer, follow the disassembly instructions for your appliance, and clean it with a wet microfibre cloth; if it’s very dirty, or in case of dried detergent, you can soak it in a degreaser and water bath for a few hours.

By installing a magnetic antiscale device between the tap and the washing machine water hose, you can remove limescale build-ups even from the inner parts. The magnetic antiscale device helps prevent the formation of build-ups and keeps the resistors clean, extending the washing machine’s life. In addition, by braking the calcium molecules in water, it optimizes the washing performance, ensuring energy savings and lower detergent consumption.

Apart from these tips, if you want a fragrant laundry, you can add some essences to freshen up your clothes without damaging them, to the washing machine!

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