Laundry tips to make your life easier


1. When to use fabric softener

If your clothes are starting to feel stiff and scratchy, fabric softener will quickly restore a lovely soft texture. There aren’t many greater pleasures than slipping between freshly laundered bed sheets or putting on a newly softened t-shirt or pair of socks!

2. When to use bio detergent

Bio is much more powerful for removing stains and is especially good at getting whites white. This is because biological washing powders contain enzymes to help to remove stains from clothes. Amylases digest and remove starch stains whereas proteases remove protein stains such as egg and blood.

3. Brighten whites with natural products

Wearing a bright white new shirt is a lovely feeling, but this doesn’t last as the whiteness eventually starts to dull. You needn’t splash out on new clothing though – an eco-friendly way to brighten whites is to use natural products such as lemon juice or white-wine vinegar. Add half a cup to your wash to get those dull whites sparkling again.

4. Technology

Our washing machines, washer dryers, and tumble dryers have all been designed with the latest technology to help make your busy life easier. We have drawn on our vast experience to add a whole new range of innovative and convenient features like One Touch, All-in-one, Aquavision and Wizard that meet actual practical needs.

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