5 top tips for your spring cleaning routine


Spring has come, and it’s that time of year the typical homeowner embarks on a mission to clean the house from top to bottom. Caring for the home when you’re shot on time isn’t always easy,  that’s why we’ve compiled a few tips to help you!

1. Provisions

The first step for any big task is to ensure you’ve got the essentials. Make a list of what you’re going to need for each job. We recommend keeping it simple with rubber gloves, anti-bacterial wipes, white vinegar, and good old-fashioned washing up liquid as a start.

2. Steam clean the kitchen

Dirt and grime can build up quickly in the kitchen, and although a weekly wipe down will provide a temporary fix, a thorough steam cleaning gets deep into places wipes and sprays can’t, eradicating all dirt and bacteria. Browse our range of steam cleaners here.

3. Let your fabrics breathe

Strip whatever fabrics you can, from cushion covers to bed linen, wash them and hang them outside. For a deeper cleaning consider The UltraMATT: a powerful vacuum cleaner designed to eradicate invisible dust mites and dry skin from your mattress and sofas.

4. De-limescale the bathroom

The effects of prolonged limescale build up can be damaging to your bathroom. Steam cleaning is the best way to prevent this, but you can also try  with a water& vinegar mix and leave overnight. Once the morning comes, your bathroom will wipe down with ease.

5. Utilise your appliances

Did you know that dishwashers  can be used to clean all manner of items, from shoes, vases, jars, and more, saving you time for the bigger tasks? It’s also wise to make the most of all the features on your vacuum cleaner; Our cordless sticks come with a variety of accessories which help you clean effectively and efficiently around the home.

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