Spring cleaning: some tips for a deep and healthy cleaning of the house


With a little planning you will find it easy to undertake successful spring cleaning and have a home you can be proud of every day.

Spring cleaning is often regarded as a tradition, providing the opportunity to discover how to clean the house thoroughly. But, learning how to clean a house before spring is more than just an annual exercise.

Spring cleaning refreshes the air in your home, removes bacteria, and helps you to identify other potential health issues. In short, spring cleaning should be seen as a way to boost your health, and that of your house, for the coming year.

H3: The Right Tools To Spring Clean Your House Thoroughly

Before you can start any job you need the right tools. That means getting your brush, dustpan, mop, anti-bacterial spray, bucket, and your vacuum ready. Collect everything together on the side before you start and inspect it to ensure it is all in great working condition.

This can be a good opportunity to invest in a new vacuum.

The Hoover H-FREE 300 guarantees high performance in vacuuming dust and crumbs, even in the most hidden areas. The high mobility, given by the H-Lab Flat&Drivenozzle, the easily adjustable power, and the LED lights on the handle and on the nozzle are perfect allies for a complete and precise cleaning of the whole house.

Start Spring Cleaning Upstairs

The key to successful spring cleaning is to start upstairs and work your way down through the house. You should finish in the kitchen as this is generally the room that needs the most spring cleaning.

Every room will need to be dusted and vacuumed. Don’t forget to do inside and out of the wardrobes, whether real or a virtual wardrobe. After vacuuming hard floors will need to be damp mopped and windows will need to be washed. You can also use the CARE + PROTECT sanitizing detergent which is suitable for cleaning and sanitizing floors and is also effective on washable surfaces.

Don’t forget that the walls should be wiped down as well. This is essential in spring cleaning and will help you to identify any issues. Pay particular attention to any signs of mold or dampness. This can indicate a leaking pipe that will need resolving.

You will need to pay particular attention in the bathroom and kitchen, there are plenty of nooks and crannies that give dirt and bacteria places to hide. Take your time and be thorough, especially if you see limescale.

Remove The Clutter When Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning and learning how to clean a house thoroughly are the perfect opportunities to remove clutter from around your home. If it is not used regularly and doesn’t have a sentimental value then it is clutter. You need to get rid of it, this will free the space in your home and make it feel brighter, as well as cleaner.

Air Purifiers

You will have the windows open when spring cleaning. But, even more important is a consideration of the quality of your air. You have filters in your vacuum, air conditioning unit, and possibly other appliances. Check the filters and replace them, this will ensure they are effective at removing particles from the air.It is best to use HEPA filters as these are designed to remove impurities from the air.

It is easier than you think to undertake cleaning. Almost all ornaments can be put in the dishwasher, making it easy to clean them. You can also vacuum soft furnishings and some can even be washed in your machine. Providing you make a plan and choose a day, you will find that accomplishing your spring cleaning is simple and makes you feel great.

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